Every experienced fisherman knows that this simple product is very convenient to use when catching predatory fish (zander, perch, pike, etc.). Kukan will help keep the fish as fresh as possible until the end of fishing. How is it used? Having planted your catch on the doll, lower it into the water. The invention can be fixed at the stern of the boat or on the belt of the fisherman himself. Thanks to him, the fish remains alive for a long time, freely walking in its native element. The material necessary for making a puppet: - a nut - 1 piece; - a bicycle cable - 1 piece (long from 1.5 to 2 meters); - bicycle spoke - from 6 to 10 pieces; - spring - the number directly depends on the number of spokes (80 mm in diameter, 2 cm long); - swivels - number depends on the number of knitting needles used (size 6); - pieces of a shirt for a rope - 5 cm long (for 6 hooks - 11 pieces); - pliers; - a hammer. tools and materials
Stages of work: 1. Stepping back from the edge of the spokes 5 cm, bite off the required segment with pliers.
 Retreating from the edge of the spokes
2.Bend the edges of the needles 1.5 cm long.
 Fold the edges of the spokes
3. Now you need to make a small bend on the workpiece, as shown in the photo.
 Fold the edges of the needles
4. Measuring 5 cm from the curved part of the needle, then bend it into a ring.
 bend it as a ring
5. On the other hand, the spokes need to bend the edges according to the already existing example.
 bend under degrees
6. Pull back 7 cm from the bent ring and bend by 100 degrees, having stuck another 5 cm on the kukan billet, bend under 90 degrees. The number of such blanks should depend on the desired number of hooks on which the fish will cling (6 pieces were made in this work).
fish will cling
8. Through each hook to the circle to hold the swivel, in the wake of this wear springs.
 hold swivel
 hold the swivel
9.Next, go directly to work with the cable. We carry one piece of the shirt through the cable to the very end.
 directly to the cable
 directly to the cable
10. Then we pass the cable through the swivel with the hook, also to the end.
 swivel to go through
11. After each swivel, thread 2 pieces of wire onto the cable (we will definitely use 2 pieces instead of one, this will serve for greater flexibility).
 kukan with my own hands
12. Then you need to do this with all the other hooks.
 кукан своими руками
on the site. 13. Now you need to make a loop at the end of the cable (you need for this purpose a nut, a hammer and a head for the cable). We pass the cable through the nut.
 Kukan do it yourself
14. After that, the nut must be riveted with the hammer.And for greater confidence, you can rivet at the end of the cable and the head so that the cable cannot slide through the nut and in order to avoid loss of the catch.
 do it yourself
15. Here is a self-made kukan ready for use. It remains a matter of quite a bit - go fishing and catch a lot of tasty fish for dinner.
 do it yourself hands
In conclusion, I want to add that this product is a dope - it is done quite quickly and is very simple in execution, if, of course, all the necessary materials are available. And having such a necessary and useful invention, you can always keep the fish alive and fresh for a long time, which will make your dinner much tastier. Kukan is ready! What do they say in this case? No tail, no scales!
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