Light healthy cauliflower cream soup

The peculiarity of the cream soup is that at a certain stage it is whipped with a blender. If there is no blender, you can try to beat with a mixer or in a combine. Other whipping tools do not resemble. No matter how well you cooked vegetables, you will not be able to completely grind them with tolkushkoy. In addition, it will take a lot of time.
To prepare 4 servings of cauliflower cream soup you will need: 500 grams of cauliflower, 100 ml of heavy cream, 1 potato, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, 1 onion bulb, 1 liter of vegetable broth, a pinch of pink pepper, 1 tbsp. salt.
Dice onions and potatoes. Pour the oil into the pan, heat and fry the prepared vegetables for 2-3 minutes.
Cauliflower wash and disassemble into inflorescences. Put the inflorescences, potatoes and onions in the pot. Pour vegetable broth and cook for 20 minutes. Then remove the pan from the heat and cool slightly.Take a part of the cooked inflorescences from the pan and set aside. Now blend the soup to a creamy texture, and then add the cream, salt and pepper. Once again bring the soup to a boil. While serving soup, add cabbage buds sprinkled with pepper to each plate.During cooking, the liquid should completely cover the vegetables.
Cabbage and potatoes can be cooked in a vegetable broth in one pan. Since the cabbage will be ready faster than potatoes, put it 5 minutes later. If during cooking you add more than 1 liter of broth, the soup may turn out to be thin.
In the cream soup instead of potatoes you can put mushrooms. It will take 300 grams of mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. Rinse the mushrooms and chop finely. Fry them in a frying pan with vegetable oil with onions. And then cook in vegetable broth with cauliflower. The cooking time for mushrooms and cabbage is the same.
Thanks to butter and cream, cream soup has a great aroma. Therefore, additional spices are not required.
If you need the soup to be thicker, add 2 tbsp to the recipe. flour. During cooking, melt 1 tbsp in the frying pan. butter and passe flour on it until golden brown.Then put the flour in a bowl and add a small amount of cream. Carefully rub the flour so that there are no lumps. After that, you can add the bulk of the cream.
Serve the ready soup with finely chopped herbs: dill, parsley, cilantro, celery. You can rub any hard cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle soup on it. If you are not confused by the smell of garlic, be sure to add 1-2 cloves to the recipe. If desired, you can add finely chopped egg, pieces of boiled chicken or fried bacon to the finished soup.
A great option is to serve cauliflower cream soup with croutons. Croutons can be made from wheat bread. Cut bread into cubes first. Sprinkle cubes with soup seasoning. Pour the sunflower oil in the pan, put the sprinkled bread cubes on it and fry for 10-15 minutes. If you want to make crackers, spread the sprinkled bread cubes on a baking sheet and send to the oven for half an hour.

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