Lighting equipment for shops: we choose together with experts

It is estimated that 85% of people are visuals who perceive information visually. Therefore, they say that purchases are made first of all with eyes, and only then the hand reaches for the goods. Conclusion: the light helps to sell, iflighting in the storeis done according to the rules. And this is not an allegation: marketing research has shown that sales with a good light grow by 15–30% and, conversely, decrease if mistakes are made when choosing lamps.

Correct approach to commercial lighting

I liked the chandelier, bought it and hung it up: this concept is suitable for choosing a lamp in the kitchen or in the bedroom, but arranging the lighting in the sales area will require a more serious approach.

The main purpose of light in commerce is to interest the buyer, to show the “product face”, that is, the most attractive parties.

What kind of lighting design attracts:

  • bright, but not blinding;
  • no flicker or ripple that irritates the eyes;
  • which corresponds to the store’s specialization;
  • highlighting the main thing: showcases, shelves, mannequins.

Light inside the store: main criteria

The light design of the trading floor is on the following "three whales":

  • light level;
  • color temperature of the spectrum;
  • color rendition.

Natural display of colors with artificial lighting is not just a good tone, but a criterion for choosing luminaires. This parameter determines how well the buyer perceives the appearance of the product. Color rendition requirements: Ra 80 and higher. If the color rendition index is below normal, the colors are distorted, so when bought in sunlight, the fruit or dress purchased looks different.

Lighting level is a parameter that determines how comfortable it is to choose products and navigate through the store. For supermarkets and shopping centers, the average is 800–1500 Lk, which emphasizes and additional light is brighter - up to 2500–3000 Lk.

The hue of the glow depends on the color temperature of the lamp. It is selected for each store and even department individually.For example, jewelry "love" bright white cold light, and pastries and cheeses are more appetizing in the rays of soft yellow light.

Correct approach to commercial lighting

It is clear that to illuminate even a small area of ​​the store one lamp is not enough. With the choice of highlighting there are no problems, because today the lighting equipment is produced in different variations.

is selected depending on the type of lighting.

Central top light suit using pendant or overhead lights. Trunk systems, tracks, light panels are used.

Recessed spotlights, lamps with shades on pendants, directional lights, LED strips, spotlights are suitable for accent lighting.

There are thousands of options, so an original lighting design is created for each store that meets all the listed criteria.

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