Lilac dressing

Comfortable bandage, with a beautiful flower, will help to decorate the hair on weekdays and on a holiday for a very small beauty. The color of the bandages combines shades of violet satin with lilac color, therefore the flower looks original and unusual. For creative work you will need: - a satin violet ribbon 2.5 cm wide;
- lilac satin ribbon 4 cm wide; - white satin ribbon 5 cm wide; - burner, glass, ruler, tweezers; - hot glue (pistol with rods); - beautiful middle with a rhinestone for the flower; - white openwork for the dressing; - mesh (tulle) for the decoration of white color, better than the average density. Getting to work. First of all, we cut a narrow ribbon into 7 cm lengths of about 15 pieces. Make sharp petals for frill flower. Bend the tape length along in half and cut off the angle at 45 degrees. Next, we bend at the base two symmetric clips to the right and left.
 we cut the narrow tape
We paste over the obtained petalsa circle of satin with a diameter of 4 cm (cut it in advance and be sure to sing it with a lighter). Petals glue in three - four layers evenly and symmetrically. It will turn out such a magnificent foundation for a flower, as in the photo.
 paste the circle
Form the petals of the main flower. To do this, cut the white ribbon into squares 5 to 5 cm, a total of 9 blanks. We form from each workpiece a sharp petal. Fold the square diagonally and fold again - get a triangle.
 we get the triangle
The lilac ribbon is cut into 16 squares measuring 4 by 4 cm. Of the eight, we form the inserts for white petals . To do this, bend the workpiece diagonally and turn the corners to the center of the base.
 cut the purple ribbon
Bend the purple blank in half and embed it in a white triangle. Try to match the center of one layer with the center of another.
 solder under the ruler
Base the solder under the ruler with a hot burner.Try to get one straight line. We sew eight petals with a simple thread in one flower.
 make simple petals
From the remaining eight purple blanks we make simple petals as above, only without the white layer. Paste each petal into the slot of the flower, as in the photo.
 make simple petals
Stick a flower on a fluffy base of purple petals. In the middle of the flower we select a beautiful rhinestone to match the color. This flower is the middle of a festive hairpin, very beautiful, convenient and easy to glue.
 kanzashi flower
Pre-measure the desired size on the head, then solder the edges with a burner, holding it with a ruler. We turn over the work and glue the tulle with the folds. The size of the grid rectangle is approximately 10 cm in width and 7 in length. Squeeze out more glue from above and apply a bandage from white lace, press lightly.
 Dressing in lilac tones
After 10 minutes the work is dry and you canto decorate the baby head. If the length of the grid is not suitable baby - it can always be corrected, removed from the head and cut with scissors to the desired size. Try to round corners on a grid.
 Bandage in lilac tones

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