Liza Boyarskaya: actresses do not cut their hair and do not manicure

The star spoke about the reverse side of the life of artists.

Probably every girl once dreamed of becoming an actress. You are on stage, you are popular and beautiful. And, of course, you will always be beautifully painted, make an elegant styling.

Here are just an actress can not, like ordinary women, psyche, decide on changes and, say, a haircut under the square. No, they have to live with their usual way, even if they want something new.

On the other side of the life of the actresses told Elizabeth Boyarskaya.

“In some theaters, actresses cannot get a haircut, dye their hair, use colored nail polish (only by special agreement at the time of filming),” Lisa wrote in Instagram.

Photo: @lizavetabo

However, at the time of vacation to pamper yourself with a color manicure is not forbidden. As for Liza Boyarskaya, she still goes to the stylist. But not for a haircut, and for the care of hair.

“Nobody forbids pampering herself, especially on the eve of vacation!” Lisa wrote.And in order not to be bored, Boyarskaya takes a book with him.

Photo: @lizavetabo

By the way, the lack of a bright manicure and hairstyle is not the biggest sacrifice that actresses make for work. Recall at least Charlize Theron or Renee Zellweger, who are over 20 kilograms or more for filming a movie. Of the Russian actresses Alexandra Bortich ventured on such a thing. For the role in the film "I'm losing weight" she had to recover by 28 kilograms. Moreover, she had to lose weight during the shooting process for a very short time.

Are you ready to give up haircuts and manicure for the role?
Are you ready to give up haircuts and manicure for the role?
  • Easily! I do not think this is a special victim.
  • No, I could not. All my life, walking with one hair color, one haircut is not mine.
July 24, 2018Olga Maslova
a guest25.07.18 12:55

Poor Lisa! I do not even realize that most can not afford a salon manicure and haircut ever.

a guest25.07.18 14:46

And it’s bitter and funny to read about the problems of people who don’t even know how 90% of the population lives)))))

a guest25.07.18 19:57

The fed does not understand the hungry

a guest25.07.18 23:06

And who says about the problem? Here we are talking just about work.

Lisa works as an actress and the actresses have such working conditions and requirements with which she must obey.With each worker, they conclude an employment contract in which the working conditions and requirements for the employee are prescribed, which he must fulfill if he wants to work in this organization. That's all.

a guest25.07.18 23:15

Refusing haircuts and manicure is not a big sacrifice)) but gaining and losing weight by 28 kg is just a nightmare ... You can’t carry out such experiments on your body, knock the metabolism for ever ((and for what role? It's not worth it ..

a guest26.07.18 12:55


a guest26.07.18 07:52

All my life I have the feeling that I do not live, but play. I always want to give advice about hair, always hair of the same length. You want to be beautiful only for a short time, and not always

a guest26.07.18 12:57

Poor girl For the sake of a career I had to give up my hat and mustache.

a guest26.07.18 23:29

What kind of nonsense, some kind of nonsense. Short haircut and hygienic manicure - to whom does it bother you? !! All of them and wigs get it on!

a guest09.08.18 12:26

It would not be enough for the actress to look the same ... with unwashed hair and hair, like some women. A woman should decorate the world, look after her appearance, whether she is an actress or an ordinary woman. The actress should be an example in everything. And in appearance, and in spirituality, and in a talented game. "The world is a theater, the people are actors," said the classic.

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