Make the sun work for you! Convenient drier for fruits and vegetables

For the project will need:

  • Sheet metal;
  • metal pipes for the frame;
  • polycarbonate cover plate;
  • loops for fastening, lock;
  • mounting material;
  • dark paint and plywood sheet (or a finished screen);
  • welding tool;
  • scissors for metal;
  • drill, Bulgarian, hacksaw;
  • thermometer

When working with plywood, the manufacturing process of the dryer will be much easier.

Frame making:

The master measured his existing polycarbonate sheet, and manufactured the dryer, focusing on its size. The frame can be made of more affordable materials, such as wooden bars.

The longitudinal bars attached to the frame will serve to install the trays.

Sheathing dryer:

Metal sheets are attached to the frame using screws or bolts. Try to avoid gaps so that the dryer keeps the sun warm better.From above the transparent cover from polycarbonate fastens. You can replace the metal with thin sheets of plywood.

At the bottom is installed a dark screen (or a sheet of metal, painted in black), which will contribute to the rapid heating of air in the dryer. Use a paint that does not emit toxic substances when heated.

It is important to ensure air circulation without allowing temperature loss. To do this, make a small vent, covered with a mosquito net. It protects fruits and vegetables from insects.

We make pans for products:

Use wooden bars and any mesh. In this case, the mesh is metal, but you can replace it with a plastic one - it's easier to clean and protect it from rust.

Door installation:

The door is hinged and bolted. The door frame is made using the same technology as the dryer frame. Handles and lock fasten to the bolts.

Let's get to work:

It remains to finely chop the vegetables or fruits, put them on the trays and put them in the dryer. Close the door and position the structure in a place where more sunlight will fall on the cover. Depending on weather conditions, the blanks will dry from several hours to several days.

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