Making Christmas wreath with children

The excitement of New Year and Christmas is closely connected with pleasant troubles. You need to prepare gifts, choose an outfit for New Year's Eve, think over a festive table, decorate the house. Who has small children, is familiar with the situation when the need to make a festive decoration in a kindergarten or school is added to all these concerns. Not always the kid can cope with this task on their own. But there are options when the child can do the craft himself with minimal assistance from adults. Invite your son or daughter to make a Christmas wreath. To make such a decoration under the force of a child of 7-8 years. And the younger kids will need a little help. But the fun kids get a lot. How nice to tinker with a rustling tinsel, choose bright decorations, and then yourself make a great decoration.
 Christmas wreath
If you contribute to your familytradition each time on the eve of the New Year to come together and make holiday decorations, it will help to get closer and make the relationship more kind and trusting. Spending time with the whole family is very useful, it creates a wonderful climate for the development of a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding. Therefore, if you combine the useful with the pleasant, you can get a lot of pleasure. These moments will be remembered for life and you and the children. No need for expensive materials to make a Christmas wreath. Disassemble the box with Christmas decorations, perhaps you will find everything you need there. If something is missing, you can buy the missing items in any store. What you need to make a Christmas wreath. 1. Tinsel - 1 meter. If you want to get a voluminous wreath, it is better to take a fluffy tinsel. Choose your color at your discretion. You can combine several shades. 2. Elements of decor. Include fantasy and choose. It can be any Christmas decorations, bows, bells, snowflakes, balls, beads. In general, everything that will be to your liking. 3. Cardboard. You can take unnecessary boxes of candy, shoes or children's toys.If you take the usual stationery, it is better to glue it together twice. 4. Glue. 5. Shears. 6. A simple pencil. 7. 2 plates are needed to simply draw the base of the desired diameter.
 What you need to make
If everything you need is ready, you can start working.
• We put the outlines of the plates on the cardboard to get the basis of the wreath.
 put the outlines of the plates
• Cut out. If the cardboard is very dense, help the child, it may be difficult for him to handle himself.  Cutting
• One end of the tinsel is fastened to the base with glue.
fasten on the basis with the help of glue
• • We wrap the basis of tinsel. Density can be any, the main thing that the cardboard was closed.  We wrap the basis with tinsel • Glue the second end. • Continue at ring the ribbon and tie it, it is useful for fixing crafts on the necessarysurfaces.
 Thread the ring into the ring and tie it
• Decorate the wreath with selected elements. • Attach the beads, as well as tinsel.
 Decorate the wreath with selected elements
• Attach bows.
 Christmas wreath
• Christmas wreath is ready.
 Christmas wreaths
A child with pride will take this craft to a school or kindergarten. It will be a worthy decoration of the class, group or any other room. You can make small wreaths that will serve as a wonderful gift to family, friends, colleagues. You can decorate your house, apartment or office with such crafts. And the manufacturing process will bring a lot of pleasure and will cause only positive emotions.
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