Male messages that annoy girls

In the age of gadgets, we learned to keep in touch constantly and respond to instant messages within a few seconds, but never acquired the reinforced-concrete skill of not paying attention at times to the extremely strange man's manner of communication through messages. Including for the sake of laughter, we tried to collect the most common glaring examples of SMS that any of us will remember.


Some apply a greeting to this message, while others do without even the latter. Probably, they think that in response we must inform that they have become bored, then report how things are, and then offer to meet at all. But in fact, I don’t even want to answer such an idiotic accusatory question.


In 99% of cases, dear men, there are usually two options: either you are not interested in it, or it does not have time for it to formulate an answer longer than "Ok" or "Super". It would be nice if the men still remember that in such cases it is indecent to break off the phone, because the very presence of the connection does not mean that everyone should be in 24/7 access.


If you have agreed to meet at the appointed place and he has already planted the entire battery on the phone, waiting for your arrival, then you can still understand the prayer to declassify your location. But if you went out with your girlfriends on Friday evening, and it requires accurate geolocation of the party and the names of all those present, then this is an authoritarian night watch, which you still have a lot of nerves to shake.


Favorite male reason for the daily squabbles - is resent female timing in the training camp. And then they still dare to brazenly admire that they got such a luxurious, well-groomed girl / wife, and frankly forget how much time, effort and cosmetic investment is spent on maintaining the image of the “best” and “most-most”.


Right so right away without any cultural program for the evening and even without a rough description of what wine and pasta are planned for dinner ?! Such a message sounds extremely friendly, but if behind it there are only beginning relationships, then it seems that a woman is a pizza that is so convenient to order at home after a working day.


Horror, darkness, the end of the world. After such a message, it is no longer possible to live and work as before, because the most terrible scenarios begin to emerge in my head.And then he will take it and tell you at home that you have forgotten to pay the parking fee, or that it is suddenly increased, but you will have to work twice as much. And you already thought the universal catastrophe ...


You are with him - a vacation vacation scenario with detailed descriptions of attractions or a detailed dinner menu, and he gives you such an indifferent and completely insignificant answer, which, in essence, means that he absolutely does not care. Be careful, men, from such moments the coldness in relations begins! Another nasty version in the same style - "We'll see."


Household male helplessness level "God." Just imagine that a person can get so lost in his own closet (and there, by the way, usually they don’t have more than two shelves) to get to the questions via SMS. And then they still dare to make fun of the topic of our computer and driving abilities, when they themselves can not find things that are literally under their nose.

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