Master class for making a dispenser for cotton wool

The dispenser is a very convenient device that makes life easier for people. It can be used in different interpretations for the metered use of a variety of materials. The presented master class will acquaint you with step-by-step instructions for making a dispenser for cotton pads in a bathroom made of a shebbi-chic or Provence-style potato chipset. Materials for work:
  • a tube from chips (can be used from other products of suitable size);
  • glue Moment crystal;
  • scissors, centimeter;
  • double-sided scotch tape;
  • design paper (good density);
  • sequins;
  • stationery knife, tweezers;
  • nail polish.
 making dispenser
Process: 1. Determine the required width of the hole for excavation discs.To do this, after measuring the diameter of the cotton pad, subtract 0.5 cm from the resulting number. The optimum width will be obtained so that the disk leaves easily enough, leaving the remaining disks in place in the tube.
 making a dispenser
making a dispenser
2. Mark the height of the hole on the tube. It is 3.5-4 cm, so that in the hole you can see a stack of 6-9 discs and be able to grip one disc with two fingers. 3. Draw a semicircle at the points determined by our measurements. 4. Cut the window with a stationery knife or nail scissors.  make dispenser
5. Prepare paper for registration. Determine the required height and width of the tube. Using the shape obtained when cutting the hole, make the same semicircle on paper.
 making dispenser
 making a dispenser
making a dispenser
6.Try on dry, match the dimensions of the holes on the tube and paper. If necessary, correct the manicure scissors.
making dispenser
7. On the back of the paper, glue the double sided tape over the entire area.
 make dispenser
8. Glue the paper onto the tube, starting with gluing the windows. Carefully smoothing your hands, move forward in all directions. Fix the place of contact of the edges of the paper with glue.
 making dispenser
9. Focus on the top of the tube. In this embodiment, a strip of designer paper is used with a width of 3 cm, another color, similar in subject. Using it, you can hide possible irregularities along the top edge when gluing the base paper, as well as create any desired contrast or effect.
 making dispenser
10. With the help of nail polish, in our case - silver, paint the lower part of the tube and the edges of the hole for the discs, a strip about 0.3-0.5 cm.Allow time to dry the lacquer.
making a dispenser
 making a dispenser 11. To complete the decoration of the window and give a light touch of glamor, in our case we use silvery sequins glued with transparent glue all around the rim of the window.  making a dispenser
 making a dispenser
12 . Fill the tube with cotton discs, close the lid.  making a dispenser  making a dispenser  making a dispenser
 making a dispenser
 making dispenser With these simple steps, you can decorate the bathroom in anyYou liked the style, dressing not only a dispenser, but also a stand for cotton swabs, and other forms for cosmetic trifles. For the design of the product, you can use all sorts of textures and decoration items: beads, beads, ribbons, lace, felt, buttons, stickers, fabric, feathers. Success depends only on your imagination and desire.
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