Merry painting by Canadian graffiti artist Nicholas Sinclair

Graffiti as an art style appeared in ancient times, when the first man decided to depict the things he saw on the walls of caves. A large number of these images have come down to our time, and we can appreciate the creative impulses of a primitive person in all its glory. Today, graffiti has already taken root as a real art form on the walls of modern cities, in particular houses, fences, old buildings. And it can be like any scribbles, or really beautiful drawings that carry a deep meaning. If just recently the art of wall drawings was for the most part not acceptable, today most people even like it when a nearby unpleasant structure acquires new colors and, accordingly, significantly changes its appearance.

Today we can look at wall paintings in a completely different performance presented by Nikolai Sinclair (Nicholas Sinclair) on ordinary household items. Yes exactly.The artist from Toronto decided in such a simple way to transform the most ordinary and uncommon furniture. On display is presented furniture in the style of classicism. The author decided to give this seemingly simple piece of furniture a new vision. It is in the bright, variegated performance of the dresser or cabinet turns into a cheerful and creative attribute of the room.

Take a closer look, from the side of this furniture looks just amazing. Looking at her, I want to smile, because the colors in which the furniture is “dressed” in the springtime are bright and warm, in the summertime saturated and variegated.

In your room is not expressive furniture or even the living space itself is done in dull tones - transform the entire room using ordinary paint.

Such furniture set will look great in rooms decorated in the style of pop art, kitsch, neoclassicism, or with the help of such furniture, you can uniquely transform the space in the style of minimalism.

For someone, graffiti furniture will become a way to realize oneself or even help to stand out among others, because it is not just bright and colorful, but also very creative.

The most unusual thing is that from the oldest furniture you get something new and amazing.

Date: 16.10.2018, 21:31 / Views: 62281

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