Mesh wardrobe systems

What are the types of mesh wardrobe designs?


According to the type of construction, it is possible to distinguish systems that are adjacent to the rear wall and, the bearing frames of which are bulging between the ceiling and the floor, or side walls. The first type is more common and universal, since it is possible to change the layout of the circuit elements after its final assembly. The lay-out of the systems, the main slats of which are mounted on the side walls or pushed between the ceiling and the floor, rarely changes after installation. They often use front feet. This scheme looks less aesthetically pleasing to the first, but it is stronger due to the greater number of supports.

Mesh wardrobe complex for storage is not unique, but the most unusual and easy. In addition to the stylish design and airiness of the design, the method of such storage is very compact and intuitive. The owner can make a mesh complex without the involvement of craftsmen. Such a wardrobe compartment with mesh cells has a modern look and can harmoniously fit into any interior.

The advantage of wardrobe mesh systems is the ability to move all items to the desired distance without much difficulty. Partially or completely can be used shelves from other materials. The price of the combined wardrobe systems is quite affordable. Mesh dressing Amatid.

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