Mini Aquarium

mini aquarium
In the game with the baby, it is often possible to create something new and unusual with your own hands. It can be a lock from the designer, not provided by the assembly instruction, a doll from a conventional knitted socks or ... an aquarium with a floating fish in it! To create a toy mini-aquarium you need very little: - a small a jar (this can be a decorative jar or a beautiful shape of 500 ml of a can of marinades); - a lid to a jar (better twisting); - a self-healing mass for sculpting (an excellent material for creativity is provided by the brand "Kalyaka-Malyaka" ); - plastic fish (probably in your toy arsenal is small sha is a pair of small fishes); - thin line or monofilament, thick needle; - thin wire for creating skeletons of underwater plants.
creating a toy mini aquarium
creating a mini toy aquarium
Getting Started.In order to equip our aquarium-jar, you need to make several aquarium accessories (in principle, you can use the finished plastic flora, buying it in the store, but we will do it ourselves). We take the wire and make a skeleton for creating coral - we make it small, since the mass for modeling will allow you to build an impressive structure on top of the frame (it is very light and quickly hardens).
we make frame
Of the mixed yellow and green masses, we make a base for coral, with a sharp object we slightly loosen the surface for naturalness.
Of mixed yellow and green masses
In the stand, insert the frame for the coral and begin to slowly cover it with a red mass.
 insert the frame
>img src="" alt="the frame is covered with the mass" title="the frame is covered with the mass">
Now, when the frame is covered with mass, it is easier for us to fix small parts that go beyond the frame, since the mass for sculpting has high adhesion, but due to lightness it does not pull down,as it would be with ordinary clay.
 sculpt corals
 sculpt the corals
Small green plants can be sculpted without a frame, which we did , trying to make them resemble marine plants in their form.
 sculpt the corals
 sculpt the corals
While the plants are a little dry, we make a mount for hanging the fish in our aquarium. To do this, make a little blue mass on the lid, form the ball and make a hole in it, fasten the ball in the center of the lid. A line will be drilled into the ball hole, at the other end of which a fish will be hung.
 hanging fish
 hanging fish
 hanging fish

A set of accessories for the "sea day" is ready, mount for fish, too, it remains to make a stand under the plants - that is, the very bottom.Take the green and yellow mass and form the bottom, using a little imagination, we have yellow sand and greens here,a little algae around the edges.
 a fish is suspended
 the fish is suspended
We don’t allow the bottom to dry and carefully dip into the jar, press it with a pencil to the glass bottom, straighten algae and the same we lower and attach to our still not dried bottom our slightly dried plants (from the bottom they are still damp).  hanging fish ka Take a fish and, having made an awl or scissors a hole on the back, insert a fishing line into it, tie two knots and cut off the small end of the line, second, long, pass through In the hole of the ball on the lid a couple of times, the line is not cut so that you can vary its length.
is suspended fish
 the fish is suspended
As for water, you can pour it, but you can also not pour it, due to the fact that the spaces inside the jar due to the thick glass effect, it seems that there is little water in the aquarium. If water is poured, then very quickly all the algae, fishing line and fish will be covered with small bubbles that does not look very good.We fasten the lid, - the fish looks great in our aquarium!
 mini aquarium
 mini aquarium

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