Mirror in a frame frame - the best interior decoration

According to designers and architects, the frame (baguette) is the most important part in the mirror. It is she who gives charm and style, can become a real decoration of the room. A mirror framed in a high-quality original baguette will create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort and style in your room.

Today it is very difficult to track any clear fashion trend of mirrors. As always, the classic, the frame of wood (oak, wenge, walnut), painted or coated with colorless varnish and a mirror in a frame frame is actual.

In recent years, frames made of artificial materials, primarily polymers, are gaining popularity. There is a simple explanation for this - modern technologies allow making a frame of any size, shape and texture. And on the siteZerkala.ruyou can buy mirrors in size to order and choose a framing that fits into your interior.In this case, polymers are not afraid of moisture and other corrosive environments, dangerous and unacceptable for wood. Thanks to polymers, the designer in the interior can embody any whim of the customer.

However, the baguette mirrors must match the interior of the room, complement and emphasize its beauty - it remains unchanged. Choosing a mirror in a frame is a complex and in many ways creative process, because there is a chance of making a mistake and choosing something that is not suitable. Choosing a mirror in a baguette, you need to be guided by two nuances. Firstly, the function of the baguette must be taken into account - to allocate a mirror on the general background, that is, to correctly highlight accents.

And the second - the frame should delicately diversify the decor of the room. For the decoration of the classical situation is best suited wooden baguettes. Quality wood will give status and its unique charm to any room. Among the disadvantages of this material is worth noting some capriciousness during operation, low moisture resistance. As a rule, mirrors with wooden baguettes are hung in rooms with low humidity and there are usually no problems with them.

The hi-tech and modern style requires mirrors in baguettes made of polymers that imitate metal or marble chips. First, similar polymer frames look much more modern than wooden ones; secondly, polymers are not sensitive to moisture, unlike real metal, they can be fearlessly placed in bathrooms and hallways. In short, the choice of polymer baguette is limited only by your taste.

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