Mitts and pillows with embroidery

Pechworkis a simple and interesting patchwork technique. When out of unnecessary remnants, pieces are sewn. Things in this technique do not look like everything, not simply and usually, but as it were variegatedly, give a kind of warmth. So today I will show you how to make two products necessary in a household. All sizes are indicated in cm. We need:
  • Shreds fabric / fabric / embroidered canvas.
  • Dublerin (for strength of the product).
  • insulation (for tacks).
  • holofiber / wadding (for pillows).
  • Bias binding (can be made from fabric or purchased as a finished product).
For decoration:satin ribbon, ribbon.
 We need
We do tacking: Step 1: Cooking 4 square pieces of fabric size rum 10 × 10. One of these squares can be cut from embroidery by placing the picture in the center. We also cut out dublerin, fabric and insulation square 18 × 18.
 prepare 4 square pieces
Step 2: Disassemble the rags 10 × 10,combining colors and selecting the best option.
 Breaking the scraps
Step 3: We sew 2 squares together in pairs.
 Stitching together
So that the finished product looks neat, we unseal the seams.
 undo the seams
Then we grind off between sobs oh 2 of the resulting rectangles and get one big square - the "cover" of the tack.
 turned out rectangle
 big square
Also unclamp the seam.
Step 4: In order for the product to not lose its appearance after washing and last longer, you need to use Dublerin: we fix a square of Dublerin with an iron on the inside of the cover.
use the dublerine
Step 5: We arrange the future tacking by layers: 1 layer - fabric 18 × 18 2 layer - insulation 18 × 18 3 layer - cover
Juggle with layers
Scissors lightly round the corners. Step 6: Sew a backing around the edges,not forgetting the allowance under the hanger.
 we sheathe the edges
Finished product.
 do tacking

Making pillows: Pillows are sewn like tacks. In this case, you can sew the base of the pillow stuffed with a halofiber and a pillowcase cover separately. Then washing and ironing the product will not be difficult. Step 1: For the base, cut a rectangle of size 20 × 38 and a holofiber. Fold the rectangle in half, facing the front side. We sew around the edge, leaving a length of 7-10 cm unstitched. We turn it on the front side, fill it with holofiber and sew it
 we fill with holofiber and sew
Step 2 : For the cover, cut out 12 squares of size 7 × 7, a square for the front (with a picture or embroidery) 12 × 12, a square for the back of 20 × 20, a rectangle 6 × 20.
 Embroidery pattern
Sew m waiting a square top 4, bottom 4 of a square,then 2 side squares in the middle.
 side squares in the middle
Undo the seams and assemble the front part. Optionally, you can decorate the resulting canvas with satin ribbon or ribbon. Step 4: Putting the pillowcase together. We impose with the seamy side to the seamy side a square 20 × 20 and the front part. On the front side of the back of the top, we adjust the 6 × 20 strip with the seamy side to the front.
 We put together a pillow case
Step 5: We sew a pillow case at the very edge.
We sew a pillowcase
Cutting the corners.
 Gently turn inside out
Step 6: Carefully turn it inside out, flashing at a distance of 0.5-0.7 cm from the edge.
 cover the pillowcase dress
The resulting cover- we put a pillow on the base.

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