Modern apartment interior

The bedroom is our little world of our own in an apartment where you just want to relax and unwind. Therefore, I want the interior to be homely and cozy, and there was more space after a small room in the office. Even if you have a small room, it is not such a problem. Now a lot of furniture is made according to the principle - a transformer. Give special attention to lighting, a good solution would be to install floor lamps and hanging chandeliers for the bedroom. Nowadays, more and more people are using redevelopment, so you can increase the space of housing.

But before starting the redevelopment, you need to agree all the nuances in the appropriate authorities, get permission and supporting documents. Of course, this will take some time, but then you can calmly translate your ideas into reality. If desired, you can use a variety of screens, glass partitions, bar counters.The rack can serve as a dining table and a partition between the bedroom and the kitchen. The options are there, the choice is yours.

All repair work should begin with the wiring. Contact a specialist for assistance. Pay attention to the flooring. If it's decided to change it, tear down the boards and prepare the foundation for a new one. If this is a tile, make a concrete tie. If you want laminate: add a vapor barrier layer and a half-layer layer to the concrete base. And only all this can be laid flooring. Ate you finished with wiring, you can proceed to the plaster walls. Since the ceilings are not high, it is not recommended to make multi-level suspended ceilings. The absence of a chandelier visually increases the space. To start the plaster, you need to eliminate all the irregularities of the previous partitions on the ceiling and on the walls. Sharpen your attention between the old and new finishing layers. If the plaster has dried, you can begin painting. As a result, we get a much larger room.

After completing all the finishing work, you can happily unpack your furniture, and enjoy your new and elegant part of your apartment. If you have a spacious room, it all depends on your imagination.Because with this option it will be much easier to make your dreams come true. Remember only that the more light and the smaller the room is loaded, the more spacious it will seem. Furniture also choose light colors, it will give even more tenderness and comfort. If you have a large room, then everything depends on your imagination and desires.

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