Monkey - a symbol of 2016 do it yourself

The coming 2016 will be held under the auspices of the Monkey. You can cajole the minx by placing a talisman in the house - her portrait. Primitive Monkey can be made by using old jeans. The cost of this will take a minimum, and the result will please. To make a Monkey with your own hands, we will prepare: - old jeans; - tissue of a flesh tinge; - printed material (for pants and bow); - filler; - 2 white buttons and 2 black beads (for eyes); - brown and red acrylic on fabric; - matching color threads; - sewing machine, needle, scissors. Let's get started: 1. To make a monkey, use a pattern.
2. From the body tissue, we prepare two details of the muzzle and ears.
3. From jeans we will cut out on 2 details of a body, a head, handles, a tail and ears.
cut out details
4.For the ears, fold the body and jeans details in pairs with the front sides inward and lay the seam. We also sew all other pairs of elements. Cut them and turn out.
5. Fill the head and body, connect them with a secret stitch.
6. Ears, muzzle, hands and tail are pressed. 7. Lock the muzzle on the front of the head, applying a secret seam. Ears also attach to the right place.
8. For pants cut out the flap with a pattern. Its size is determined by eye. Fold it face down inside. Make a small cut in the middle. Let us lift and sew the bottom. Connect the side seams and notch to get the pants.
9. We put on trousers on the Monkey. Having lowered the top, we fix a secret seam on the animal.
10.We tie the handles into a knot exactly in the middle, thus dividing them into two. Sew in front of the neck. 11. Fix the tail over the pants
sew tail
12. Let's get down to the muzzle design. Sew eyes: first, a white button, and on top - a small bead. Acrylic draw a nose, mouth, freckles.
Monkey is ready. It will become a wonderful decoration of the interior or an original gift for both the child and the adult.

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