Mother's Day Baby Card

Mothers Day card for children is the best gift for each of the mothers, so usually crafts for Mother's Day are made in schools and in kindergartens.

An interesting option is crafts for young children - volume appliqué, which is created with the help of fluffy colored pompons of different sizes, colored pencils and pieces of colored paper.

 Volumetric children's greeting card for Mother's Day

Volumetric dets Mother's day postcard

The pom-poms will be fixed on the surface of the paper sheet with the help of a regular clerical glue or PVA. The main thing - do not move them until the glue hardens well. This should be taken into account if it is planned to attract very small children to work.

Several yellow pompoms can be turned into small chickens and older chicken. Broom and paws are painted with markers, paints or colored pencils.You can also cut them out of colored paper or fabric and stick them next to pompons. You can leave chickens on a clean background, or you can paint flowers, sun and other elements of the landscape next to them.

 Postcard with chickens

Postcard with chickens

You can make little penguins and a penguin mom out of white and black pompons. We also make wings on the same principle as chicks legs and beaks. The background for such a postcard can be white paper, light blue or any other pastel shade that resembles a shade of pure snow.

Card with penguins for Mother's Day

Mother's Day card with penguins

Pink pompons easily turn into graceful flamingos.

 Postcard with flamingos on Den Mothers

Postcard with flamingos for Mother's Day

And the brown ones are in charming bees, which can be planted in a transparent glass jar.

Postcard of a bee in a can

Postcard of a bee in a can

Based on what pom-poms are currently at your disposal,You can prepare a wonderful gift for Mother's Day.

 Postcard with pom-poms

Postcard with pom-poms

Mother's Day greeting card

Mother's Day greeting card

You can make a gift like a picture that your mother hangs on the wall or puts on a shelf.

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