Dozhor night - why is it so eat before bedtime?

The main culprits are "fat" and "sleepy" hormones.

Problems of appetite and its regulation are precisely studied by scientists for more than a year. In our body, all processes are guided by a complex system - neurohormonal. That is, the body has a general director — the brain, which has substitutes — subcortical centers and the autonomic nervous system. They manage almost all the processes in the body. The endocrine system also has its director - it's the hypothalamus, with the main deputy - the pituitary gland, which already directly controls the peripheral glands.

The nervous system is the head office that generates teams, develops management strategies. The endocrine system is a plant that produces products - hormones. They directly affect the metabolic processes, growth, development of the body, as well as sleep and appetite.

Dozhor night - why is it so eat before bedtime?

Attacks of the “night-nine doge”, according to the researchers, occur due to the imbalance of such hormones as:

  • leptin (“fatty” hormone, produced directly by adipose tissue);
  • melatonin ("sleepy" hormone produced by the pineal gland of the brain).

Violation of the relationship between them and their allocation in connection with the daily rhythms leads to the fact that the internal biological clock is shifted. In the evening, the body does not want to sleep, is active and wants to eat, demanding energy. And in the morning it is difficult to swing, food does not get out until lunch. And even longer I want to sleep. In addition, the night sore can also be provoked by certain external factors, such as stress, mental and body over-stimulation, problems with the production of gastric juice (its excessive production).

I want some bad food!

In 2013, scientists in America conducted an experiment for 2 weeks. In the course of it, they studied the behavior and habits of people prone to night raids on the refrigerator. It turned out that the craving for night food does not depend on how early you get up and how much you eat throughout the day. But this is not the most problematic: in the quiet of the night, the hands themselves are drawn not to yogurts and cucumbers with apples, but to fatty, very sweet or salty, unhealthy foods.But I do not want to eat oatmeal or gnaw a wholesome carrot at all.

Dozhor night - why is it so eat before bedtime?

Often, people who have trouble falling asleep often suffer from night lodging. They lie for hours without sleep, they are bored, because all the homeworkers are asleep, and because they have nothing to do, they themselves carry their feet where they can pleasantly and tastyly entertain themselves. Usually, there is also a TV in the kitchen, and now, under the cheerful serial TV, a cake, cake or even half a pot of fried potatoes suddenly disappears in the depths of the stomach.

More often, loners suffer from similar problems: if you live alone, willy-nilly, you often look in the fridge or on the shelves of the kitchen cabinet. Salty chips, nuts or sweet cookies with tea are asking in your mouth, it is impossible to resist such a temptation.

I'm all on my nerves! Need anti-stress

Everyone knows that stress affects the body destructively and the body resists it in every way. And quenching hunger is one of the anti-stress mechanisms, along with alcohol intake. This is a kind of bad habit - to chew negative emotions and experiences. During stress, the level of stress hormones rises sharply, the adrenal glands are literally squeezed “into a rag”, throwing horse's doses of adrenaline and its analogues, as well as cortisol, into the blood.But if adrenaline with norepinephrine does not last long in the blood, causing a trembling of the body, a frenzied knock of the heart and pallor of the minutes for 5-10, then cortisol affects longer and more seriously.

I want to eat because the blood glucose level decreases: it goes into the starving cells of the body so that they are filled with energy. Cortisol stimulates a decrease in the level of sugar, literally by force pushing glucose into the cells at the expense of its assistant, the hormone insulin, produced by the pancreas.

Dozhor night - why is it so eat before bedtime?

Cortisol during stress spurs the body, because during the evolution the response to stress in the body was of the "beat or run" type. Previously, what were the stresses: a tiger attacked, warriors of a neighboring tribe called into battle, crop failure came, and there is nothing, you need to catch mammoths. Therefore, the metabolism is configured to provide strength for the battle (well, or shameful flight, but safe and sound)

Today we don’t have to fight with anyone, the products in the store are for every taste, but the mechanisms of stress in general have not changed. The level of glucose is greatly reduced - the brain begins to starve and insistently asks to eat, and it does not matter to him that it is midnight on the clock, or even later. A person with a healthy metabolism, the level of cortisol is high during the day, it gives vigor and strength, in the evening its level decreases, at night it is minimal.Many of us have stress violated this natural mechanism, hence the problems of sleep and the constant desire at night to chew all sorts of hazards. And if in the evening someone has seriously ruffled your nerves, it is often that to calm down, only tea with cookies or buns can help in the middle of the night.

I have no time to eat in the afternoon

There is also a hypothesis that people are paying the price for a nocturnal diet for the day. If during the day there is no time to eat according to all the rules, at least three times, and ideally four or five (with lunch and afternoon tea), then at night the brain requires its own! He understands that we are already at home, next to the refrigerator and it’s time to compensate for the daily calories. And he will require a grilled chicken, french fries and a sweet donut, because it is they who will immediately give half the daily calories in one go. It is suspected that this tendency to "greed" has remained evolutionarily in the brain since those ancient times when food had to be harvested and such abundant meals were rare. The body eats "in reserve", storing excess on its sides - for a rainy day.

Fat sides and a sick stomach!

Doctors warn: a blurred waist and sides with pretty fat folds - not the worst result of night dodzhor.Such snacking in the light of stars can significantly impair your digestion, getting gastritis, reflux disease (throwing food from the stomach with acid into the esophagus) and even tumors of the digestive tube. In addition, lovers of eating at night often get constipation, bloating and swelling in the morning.

Dozhor night - why is it so eat before bedtime?

The most correct thing is to try to eat 2 hours before bedtime, but not later. It is necessary that the food is partially digested and unloaded the digestive system. Do not eat after 18:00 - this is true for those who go to bed at 20: 00-21: 00. If you go to bed at midnight, you can eat and at 21:00 - there will be no harm. But not before going to bed!

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