No more need to buy seedlings of strawberries. Learn to do it yourself

Favorite by many strawberries, which is officially called strawberry garden, for many gardeners the main reason to call on the site once again. Unfortunately, after a few years, the yield of old beds is significantly reduced, and the old bushes no longer bear fruit. The gardener has only two options: either go to the market for seedlings, or learn reproduction through a mustache. The second method is much more economical, so mastering it will not be superfluous.

Mustache appear in most varieties of strawberries. At the end of the summer on the mustache appear sockets with new plants. Separate the largest of them, and land on a loose weathered bed. With this method of planting, in contrast to the sowing of seeds, the absolute majority of bushes take root. The whole secret is in the root system, which is planned even before the detachment from the parent plant.It is the mustache that is recommended to propagate any hybrid varieties - so the most important qualities are preserved, because the same set of genes is preserved in the new plant.

Strawberry breeding whiskers should be made in the middle of summer. Until the beginning of August, all new shoots should be rooted. In order not to miss the time needed for planting, prepare everything you need before the formation of new outlets. During the harvest of berries, tick the bushes with the largest and sweetest special markers - it is from them that the mustache should be cut.

You can select individual bushes to collect the whiskers before the berries ripen. Select a small part of the bed just for breeding. Remove flower stalks from such plants, and all power will go to new sockets. When the mustache appears, leave no more than 2-3 of the largest on the bush. So you can get the highest quality material for breeding strawberries.

If you can not grow strawberries in the summer, it can be done in the spring. True, this method is more laborious. Spring whiskers are growing in pots, and only first-order sockets (those that go straight from the mother bush) are suitable for this.Remove flower stalks and excess shoots from propagated plants. Fill small pots with a mixture of soil and compost. Plant the rosettes without lifting the mustache from the mother plant.

Plant strawberries should be in a well-loosened soil, which was previously rid of the weeds. The soil will be useful to fertilize non-acidic peat and wood ash. Also it can be slightly moistened, not allowing too much moisture. Each bush is planted so that the tails are above the ground. After planting, strawberries should be watered abundantly, but be careful not to wash roots out of the soil. The more often you sweat new sweats and loosen the soil, the faster the new plants will take root.

Mustache, which grew in "pots" transplanted into a specially dug holes. It is important that the soil at the roots is not too knocked down. Cut the plastic cup and transfer the plant directly to the ground to a new bed.

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