Opening of the summer season: preparation for planting!

Novice gardeners often prefer those seeds that are packaged in a beautiful wrapper, with a detailed description of the use on the back. This approach is not always true. Before you make a purchase, it is worth finding out more information. For example, when purchasing flowers, it is necessary to find out if the annual is a species, biennial or perennial. It depends on whether the plant will bloom this summer or not. Be sure to see if stratification is necessary for selected colors - additional preplant preparation. It is too late to buy such flowers in spring.
The opening of the summer season is good to start with the study of information about the seeds left over from last year's purchase. Check what and how much you need to purchase. Decide in advance with varieties and hybrids. Detailed information about this can be found on the websites of seed companies and in the State Register of breeding achievements approved for use on the website of the State Commission of State.Always pay for the expiration date, which is listed on the bag of seeds.
There are several varieties of seeds. For example, the coated ones, which are often called granulated, have a protective shell-film, due to which they increase in volume, acquiring the correct oval or round shape. Most often these are small seeds of carrots, onions, lettuce, etc.
Inlaid seeds are treated with growth regulators. Plasma is purified in an airborne electrical plasma discharge, which stimulates all the processes occurring in them. This allows plants to be more resistant to diseases. The price of such seeds is higher than their counterparts, their shelf life is small, in addition, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of sowing.

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