Hairpins from organza "Morning dew"

This hairpin is made of two types of organza. Made with a soldering iron or a burner.
 organza hair clips
For such a flower, about 15 cm in diameter, we will need : - soldering iron with a sharp tip. - organza yellow, and the second with sparkles. - beads in color organza. - a little thread of gold color. - hairpin hair clip . - glue gun. - a piece of glass or ceramic tile.
 Getting Started with Templates
Getting Started with Templates. You need a circle of dense material, you can plastic - 5 cm in diameter. The second pattern is the petal of the flower, it is in the form of a droplet, but cut off below. The cut will be three cm, the height of the template is 7.5 cm, and the wide part is five cm.
 Getting started with templates
Turning on the soldering iron, but can and fabric burner.We take the yellow organza, fold it, and on top of it we level the second one with sparkles. We enclose glass or ceramic tiles to burn on it. We take the petal pattern and apply it on the fabric, cut out the soldering iron along the contour.
 cut out
And we need twenty of such petals.
 cut out

When all the petals are cut, we will give each of them a different shape. In each workpiece, the lower section of 3 cm wide is folded with an accordion and fixed with a soldering iron. This is like a move, when put an end. And you need to put 2-3 points.
So we fix all 20 petals. This method allows the petal to become volumetric due to the resulting void between the two tissues.
 picking up a flower
The time has come for assembling a flower. Take our plastic circle with a diameter of 5 cm and fix on it four petals crosswise. Fix them around the edge with a glue gun.
 we collect a flower
This circle is completed by sticking 4 more petals between four petals, and in the first circle we get eight petals.
collect flower
The second row will be the same, and we glue 8 petals in it, staggered about the first row.
collect the flower And the remaining four petals are fixed in the middle of the future flower.
 collect flower
Now let's start decorating st. Fold the thread of golden color with a length of 6 cm, without cutting the edges. Then you need to tie them in the middle, and fold them in half with thread. The stamens are three cm high and such a bunch of threads is glued to the middle of the flower.
 organza hair clips
Now take the beads in color of the organza and fix it with glue on the edges of the petals of the first row, where there are eight pieces, and the last one is four. .ru / images / 11/45-zakolki-dlya-volos-iz-organzy.jpg "alt =" organza hair clips "title =" organza hair clips ">
And there was the last detail of the decoration - it's Hair clip for hair. We take our finished flower, turn it upside down and glue the clip with a pistol on a plastic circle.On this, our hair ornament is ready.
 organza hair clips
Good luck to all.

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