Original alternative to paintings and wallpapers: artistic painting of walls

Choosing the option of covering for the walls in your apartment, pay attention not to decorative painting. At first glance, only a professional artist will cope with this type of decoration. But if you adopt a few secrets, you can master it yourself.

Start by choosing materials. If you have no experience, give preference to those with whom it is easier to work. The easiest way to cope with acrylic paints. If you plan to apply drawing with a brush - choose the usual paints. Stencils and tape are also suitable for paints in aerosols, which are easy to apply and dry quickly.

Drawing a picture using a stencil

This method will help to easily make the painting of walls, even to the master, who is completely unable to draw. Apply any drawing or inscription on the wall.

First you need to purchase or make a stencil.You can print an image or letters on paper. Then transfer them to tape. In some cases, you can use the sheets themselves as a stencil (especially if you work with ink in a can), but make sure that the paper does not soak.

It is more convenient to work with the film, especially if you intend to use the same stencil repeatedly (for example, to create a repeating pattern).

Please note that stencil fonts are different. They are designed so that the letters remain intact when cut.

It is more convenient to apply usual acrylic paint with a sponge or roller. So on the wall there will be no villi.

One way to create a stencil is described in detail in the video.

Stamp drawing

Here you have a choice again. Paint shops have a lot of factory stamps that even a beginner can learn from. But if you want to make a stamp yourself, you have to try.

You can make prints using molds from soft foam, foam rubber, or folded napkins.

The easiest way to make stamps of its own production of porous rubber.Cut out the desired shape, stick it on the cardboard base and paint with the desired color.

Make sure that the paint does not flow, otherwise even smooth traces will not work. Carefully apply the pattern to the wall.

If something went wrong, you can erase or correct the picture. While the acrylic paint is not dry, it is easy to erase.

The dried drawing can be added with the painted details.

Before applying the stamp on the wall, practice on paper or another surface. Especially do not neglect this step if the stamp is homemade.

Make a chalkboard out of the wall

This can be achieved by applying a special coating to the surface. You can update the wall paintings at least every day.

This design of the walls will be ideal for a children's room. And no worries about the outlined wallpaper.

In the bedroom, you can draw on the wall missing details.

And the kitchen, thanks to this design will get the view of the street cafe.

Wall decoration stripes or cells

Work the same way as with the stencil, just create it with masking tape. For strips, apply one coat of paint, one for the cells.

Strips can visually extend the room.Use this property to adjust the shape of the room. Horizontal stripes will make it wider, and vertical - higher.

Manual drawing

This option can be advised to those who still know how to draw. Show your imagination, and draw your favorite moments on the wall. Floral motifs are a classic theme.

Another trend in the wall painting is the image of trees. They can fasten various elements of wall decor, including paintings or photos.

Support wall painting with home textiles or other finishing materials.

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