Original and stylish yellow manicure

With the advent of autumn, many people begin to suffer from melancholy. Wind, cold, rain and slush, what could be good about it? But, fortunately, there are those who can not be bothered by any weather, because there is always room for positive mood and optimism in the soul. It is easy to recognize such people; usually they stand out from the gloomy crowd with their bright clothes and beautiful smile.

But psychologists say that any woman can overcome autumn sadness with the help of a noticeable and original manicure. And one of the suitable options for this is a rich yellow color.

Neskuchnaya autumn

If before the peak of candor and courage was considered red lacquer, today the palette of bright colors has increased significantly. The warm and sunny shade has long become a symbol of vitality, because it is chosen by brave girls.

But the tone and design - things are so delicate that it is necessary to approach them very carefully, so as not to turn the stylish trend into screaming bad taste.

Restrained, pastel colors can be used in manicure, both for work and informal pastime.Yellow with golden will be a great shade of beautiful tan and dark complexion. Bright and challenging shades (lemon, yellow-green) can afford shocking girls. Especially beautiful they will look on the background of pale porcelain leather.

Correct pair

How to make nail art according to all the rules of taste and style? First of all, you need to remember what you can combine with sunny color.

  1. The correct tandem for the achromatic version will be a yellow base and additional shades: gray, black or white.
  2. Thanks to a range of different shades of yellow, you can create a beautiful monochrome manicure, using several of them simultaneously. It can be an ombre effect, as well as french-nail or various patterns.
  3. For those who are not averse to surprise others, stylists recommend trying to combine yellow with bright mauve, purple or blue.

Little about design

Nowadays nail art is no longer a banal lacquer coating, but real art. At the tips of the nail master learned to create a whole picture.

And if your choice fell on a bright tone, then it is worth noting that the nails in this case should not be too long, so that the result is not vulgar.The rest of the design ideas depend solely on your preferences and skills of the master. Here are a few ideas that will help create a real masterpiece.

  1. A great option that will remind you of summer is the yellow base, on which you can draw small bows or small dots.
  2. Those who love abstract motifs should take a closer look at the variant with a bright coating, which is applied to the lines and geometric shapes. Most often used for this black-and-red range.
  3. Natural motifs will be the highlight of your image. With the help of yellow and black lacquer you can portray funny bees or small flowers of a sunflower. Those who miss the sea, fit the image of dark palm trees on a sunny background.
  4. One of the actual trends of the past few seasons are animalistic prints, which are easy to make on nails with the help of two colors. We take our bright tone as a basis, and “bestial” specks are drawn in black, blue or brown, as shown in the photo.
  5. Floral drawings will make your look light and romantic. It can be an autumn image of a yellowing leaf or a weightless white fuzz of dandelion.

Yellow lacquer - original and impressive. Whichever design you choose for this bright manicure, you will never go wrong and will always be in a trend.

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