Original crocheted ballet slippers: simple and comfortable

Knitting ballet shoes step by step

We begin with a sock. First, we make a ring of air loops, sufficient to pass through it with 10 crochets.

2 row will consist of 20 columns. Through each double crochet of the previous row, we knit 2 columns.

In the third row of loops will be 30. To get such a result, we add 2 columns to every second double crochet.
Rows 4 through 9 are knitted with a double crochet, not forgetting to make lifting loops at the beginning of each row.

With 10 rows we begin to create a pattern. The sequence of knitting: 2 lifting loops, 21 double crochet, 2 air loops, 9 crochets, 2 air loops, half column.

Row 11: 2 lifting loops, 21 double crochet, 4 air loops, 7 single crochets, 2 air loops, half column.

12 row: 2 lifting loops, 21 double crochet, 6 air loops, 5 single crochets, 2 air loops, half column.

13 row: 2 lifting loops, 21 double crochet, 8 air loops, 3 single crochets, 2 air loops, half column.

The 14th row consists of 2 lifting loops and 21 double crochets. From this point on, knitting ceases to go round. To save the pattern report at the end of each row, knitting must be turned over.

In the 15th row, we increase the number of crocheted columns by 2, making additions along the edges, we get 23 loops.

16 row; 2 lifting loops, 23 double crochets.

17 row: similarly 15. At the output we get 25 loops.

Subsequent rows consist of 25 single crochets. So knit to the desired length, not forgetting to turn knitting. Given the fact that knitted products are drawn, the last row of straight linen should fall on the middle of the heel. Otherwise, ballet slippers will jump off their feet.

It remains to tie the finishing line. We start it with the connection of the corners of the straight canvas.

Now add a lifting loop and tie slippers with crochets without crochets. Reaching the 14th row we stop.

We collect 10 air loops and fix them with a single crochet column exactly in the middle of the front part of the slipper.

Again we knit 10 air loops, fixing them at the beginning of the 14th row from the opposite side.

We continue to tie slippers with crochets.Having reached the end of the row, we cut off the thread with such an account that it was enough for heel binding. We change the hook on the needle with a large eye, sew the heel with a kettle stitch.

One slipper is ready, go to the second knitting.

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