Original Vintage Wedding

This wedding was prepared for several months. Ideas gathered from all famous blogs. Vases, furniture, garlands, clothes - all this was searched in different parts of the country. Of course, many elements of the decor made their own hands. It is the perfect combination of vintage chic. Enjoy and do not forget to comment!

What is a vintage wedding? Why is this style of wedding so popular in the West and why does this fashion come to us?

Vintage as a style, the concept is very extensible. Vintage wedding in America is a wedding with any elements of old things, “scrapes” in the design. It may be old photographs, watches, crystal vases and dishes, pastel flowers or vice versa languid shades, lace, old keys and cages - things that are associated simultaneously with the warm memories of childhood, and the elegance of another era ...

It is not surprising that the design in this way is often chosen for a wedding - many people want to see this holiday like this: sublime and beautiful, but as a family warm.If the wedding style should reflect a strictly defined epoch - for example, Victorian - the style will be called accordingly: Victorian wedding. And even then this style will be sustained until the last crumb on the cake :) Here you and guests in the appropriate decorations, and the bride in a dress with puffs, and the pie according to the recipes of the Victorian cookbook ...

We would call such a wedding simply “retro-style wedding” - such weddings are popular in Russia, the variants “gangster 30s”, “cheerful 60s” and “nostalgia for the USSR” are especially common. At the same time, not everyone can observe the style of the epoch, bring the details to perfection, and fit them into this style ... Unfortunately, we have seen very little good retro weddings. This is not surprising, since stylization is a very complicated thing, and also very expensive. Although we know for sure that if there is a will - all is possible:)

First tip- no one has canceled uniformity in style, the main elements - invitations, bride and groom outfits, hall decoration, vehicle, cake - should be kept in the same style.

Second tip- to give vintage elements a style that does not unite them with an era, combine them with motif and color.Choose a pair of colors or shades of the same color - rich and pastel, plus a contrasting color, and the color of metal that suits them (old gold, old silver or bronze). Vintage motifs can be different: birds, flowers (roses, lush chrysanthemums), keys, damask pattern, watches, coins, black and white photographs, stamps, carved profiles, lace, etc. As the main take 2-3 motives.

Third tip- love real antiques: frames, fabrics, handbags, jewelry and accessories, cute little things. Now you can find enough accessories and design details “for vintage”, but what could be better than the original? :) You can buy such things in the markets, in antique shops.

And the fourth tip- do not torment the guests :) Do not force them to come in feathers or fur coats. Let this be done by those who like it! Yes, and rape the whole evening with the music of the same epoch is also not worth it: better dance your first dance to a retro song.

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