Ottoman plastic bottles with their own hands - photos, how to make

Padded stool from plastic bottles do it yourself

Padded stool from plastic bottles do it yourself

The ottoman, being a practical and comfortable part of the furniture interior, can also become a reason for personal pride. After all, it is difficult to make an idea to make an ottoman with your own hands (and even out of plastic bottles, oh la-la!) That can be easily realized.


It is worthwhile to think over the final result as far as possible: the form, dimensions, edging, other aesthetic subtleties of the new padded stool, as well as the functional side of the question - the purpose of the padded stool.


Options for placement of the puff


1. If this compact furniture is deployed in the hallway, then a small and at the same time rather solid ottoman is relevant. It is reasonably covered with a cloth that can be brought into a proper appearance easily, quickly and without any special tricks - the furniture in the corridors and halls is quickly contaminated.
2. Easy-to-use ottoman will be in the kitchen or in a small dining room.Especially if it provides for a bottom. Removing the upper part, an additional locker is found, which is not superfluous in the kitchen. And the floor layout allows you to download it "to the fullest."
3. If the ottoman was conceived as an element of decor for living rooms, special attention should be paid to the fabric and its internal packing. Among the most interesting looking and durable fabrics are the Jacquard, the Shennil and the dense cotton fabric. As a stuffing is usually chosen foam or holofayberovye balls.


We proceed to the creation of products from plastic bottles. We make an inventory of the necessary funds and materials for:

  • Plastic bottles in the amount of 15-20 pieces, as an optimal option they should be the same size;
  • A large skein of scotch, the desired wide (from 50 mm);
  • Cardboard boxes with a solid side of 70 cm or more;
  • Foam flooring of the appropriate size (synthipon is also acceptable);
  • Upholstery fabric;
  • Scissors, soft centimeter, needles and other economic trifle.


How to make an ottoman from plastic bottles - a master class with photos


1. Putting the bottle in the planned composition.It is better to go the standard way and choose a round shape in terms of top view. This design looks elegant and very “compliant” in terms of interior compatibility. However, square basics are optimal for kitchen ottomans, and room brothers can be original products.


2. We fasten the resulting “mosaic of plastic bottles” with adhesive tape - securely and in layers. We get the finished frame.


3. We measure the diameter of the structure and cut out the top of the future furniture from cardboard. Using scotch tape, connect it to the bottle base.


4. Foam sheet cut out it as follows: select the top (can be doubled, for softness) and a rectangle for the sidewall. The width of the rectangle should correspond to the height of the bottle frame, and the length should be no less than the circumference of the circle. By hand stitches, we gently sew foam rubber blanks to the puff core.


Padded stool from plastic bottles do it yourself


5. Actually, the ottoman is ready. However, in his current state, he hardly wants to point out the guests to the authorship of this creation that belongs to you. Let's take a decorative design aesthetic effect for the sake of convenience and seating for.


6. We sew a cover.We take the selected fabric, cut it on the seamy side according to the size of our mini-furniture, everywhere previously leaving 2 centimeters per allowance. Then sew the resulting side on a typewriter. Or manually, if there is none, but better on a typewriter. We sew a long zipper around the edges of the lower base of the ottoman, which, again, without a machine, is long, dreary and unsympathetic.


We put on the cover and get the finished furniture composition. Of course, the best of such a homemade ottoman is suitable for garden or garden. Such furniture combines simplicity, elegance, mobility, comfort and a reason for pride. After all, you made this ottoman from plastic bottles with your beeches yourself. And we only helped you a little.

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