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Overhaul Your Undergarments

Get the most out of your undergarments
10 Easy Steps to Overhauling Your Undergarments

In a fantasy world (the same one where cellulite is easily removed), we’d all look like the models in lingerie ads underneath our clothes. Each morning, we’d gracefully slip into a perfectly matched bra-and-panty set made of lace that, miraculously, never itched or bunched up beneath our clothes. Reality, of course, more likely involves hopping out of the shower and hastily tugging on whichever undergarments will simply get us through another workday without peekaboo straps and visible panty lines (or bulges). But it is possible to arrive at a happy in-between place, where your underwear is like your makeup routine: More than just a mundane chore or a way to cover things up, it helps you look and feel your most beautiful. Our easy 10-step underwear makeover will help make that fantasy a reality.

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Clean out your underwear drawer
Step 1: Get ruthless with that underwear drawer

First, set aside an hour or two to make sense of the tangled knot that is your underwear collection. Neatly organize all the bras and panties that you know are comfortable and in good condition, and toss all the saggy, scratchy, pudge-pi

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Get a bra that fits properly
Step 2: Determine whether your bras still (or ever did) fit

Bras lose elasticity over time, so that old workhorse you've relied on since the '90s probably isn't doing your cleavage any favors these days. "It's easy to get in a rut, but once you put on a new bra with proper support, you'll see wha

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Get an expert fit
Step 3: Get an expert opinion

Even if you usually buy bras at discount or department stores, consider visiting a nice lingerie boutique just this once. Most offer bra fittings and even alterations completely free of charge—a priceless perk that most women never tak

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100 percent cotton briefs with a high-cut leg
Step 4: Get in touch with your panty personality

In the days right after all the laundry's done, which pairs of panties do you always wear first? The ones you instinctively go for initially are probably the styles that are both most flattering to and comfortable for your body. Resolve

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Every woman must have no-show panties
Step 5: Add these new must-haves to your under-wardrobe

One thing no woman should be without: a pair of panties that won't show, no matter how slinky the dress. Even if you don't consider yourself the thong type, new hip-hugger versions made from extra-pliant stretch lace might surprise you;

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Suck in and smooth out with shapewear
Step 6: Make shapewear your secret weapon

You probably own some shapewear already. Today's equivalent of old-fashioned corsets are designed to suck you in and smooth you out while enhancing your womanly curves—but not all shapewear is created equal. Don't assume that more Lycr

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Give your girls some help with breast enhancers
Step 7: Learn to accessorize

There's no shame in giving your "girls" a little extra help to look their best. Companies are now making all sorts of enhancers that you can slip into your bra cups, including popular

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Give your bras a rest
Step 8: Put an end to "bra fatigue"

After you buy new bras, resist the urge to wear your favorite for days on end. Giving a bra two days of "rest" after each wear helps it bounce back to its original shape. You should also replace frequently worn bras (and panties) after a

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Choose signature colors for your undergarments
Step 9: Choose a signature color scheme

If you manage to match your bra and panties every day, consider us impressed. If not, here's an easier routine to keep up: Choose a two- or three-color "palette" for your daily undergarments. If most of the things in your drawer are nude

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Wash your lingerie with care
Step 10: Show your lingerie a little love

Our intimate apparel tends to be treated less than gently—worn over and over, only to be crammed into a drawer or tossed thoughtlessly into the laundry at day's end.


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