Owl organizer for notebook and pen

Another great application of the old and now unnecessary CD / DVD disc, from which you can get such a wonderfulowl organizer. You can also choose another bird or animal - there is nothing complicated. This organizer can be hung on the refrigerator or in the hallway and it is very convenient to leave notes or make necessary notes, for example, what to buy in a store.

Materials and tools:

  1. CD / DVD drive;
  2. paper;
  3. pencil;
  4. multicolored felt;
  5. Glue Moment
  6. magnet, thick double-sided tape or tape;
  7. two metal rings;
  8. notebook;
  9. decorations.

Step 1

Put a disc on a piece of paper and circle it. On the circle we draw the main elements of the owl: body, head, wings, eyes, pupils, beak.

We transfer the owl's body pattern to the blue felt and cut 2 parts. We transfer the pattern of wings and head to green felt and cut it out. Cut white eyes out of white felt, and pupils out of black ones. Cut out the orange beak.

Then, using the Moment glue, first glue one part of the body to the disk, glue the owl's head and wings from above, then the beak, eyes and pupils.

Step 2

From the orange felt cut two identical strips for the eyelets, which will hold a pen or pencil, and glue them on the back side to the disk.

Choose how the organizer will be attached. You can glue a couple of small magnets; cut off a strip of tape, make a loop and glue on the back; or double-sided tape.

In the second part of the body, there is a slot for the eyelet, thread the eyelet into it and glue the part to the disk.

On the loops that hold the pen, we put rings on the pad.

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