Unusual snail

Unusual snail Kids love beautiful and unusual toys. Parents know that going to the store never goes without asking to buy some new soft friend. Often please your baby can not only store toys. It is more useful for the child and it will.

Stylish hat and lapel needles

Stylish hat and lapel We knit with needlesA stylish hat and a snoodthat will not only warm you up in a cold winter, but will also be a wonderful accessory. Materials and tools: for caps: 100 grams of yarn (65% wool, 35% alpaca, 75m.

How to eliminate the beating of the cartridge in a screwdriver

How to eliminate chuck beating in a screwdriver Sometimes there is a problem of beating the cartridge in a screwdriver or a drill. The instrument was presented or it was purchased a long time ago, the defect was not noticed in time, there is.

Baby elephant from multicolored threads

Baby elephant from multicolored threads How to make a baby elephant out of multicolored fluffy threads for a child? Anyone who thinks about whether it cost him to do hand knitting, we can advise only one thing: it is definitely worth it. After all.

Easter Bunny Pendant

Easter Bunny Pendant In order to decorate your house for Easter without special investments, we recommend making symbolic ornaments from improvised materials. For example, such suspension "Easter Bunny" can decorate the front door or houseplants. Work on the craft is simple, takes about 1.

Bouquet of Peonies from Paper

Bouquet of Peonies from Paper A bunch of paper peoniesare bright and beautiful peonies made of corrugated paper. Materials and tools: yellow colored paper; white and pink crepe paper; wire; scissors, glue. Step 1 The yellow sheet of paper is cut into rectangles. Rectangle.

Christmas Tree Cake

Cake Christmas Tree Christmas Festive Cake- we are preparing the New Year's dessert in the form of one of the symbols of the New Year tree. Ingredients: for sponge cake: 3 eggs; pinch of salt; 75 grams of sugar; 100 gr. ground almonds; 25.

Empire style living room: how to create an imperial interior by yourself

Empire style living room: how to create an imperial interior yourself Translated from French, empire (pronounced empire) means empire. Empire as a style appeared in France, in the time of Napoleon. That is why this style is associated with the emperor, it is just.

Steam Warming

Steam Warming Qualitatively insulated bath in general and steam bath in particular - the guarantee of efficiency of bath procedures. You should not save on a heater for a steam room, in the future it will have a negative effect on its characteristics. And.

How to choose a wool yarn

How to choose yarn from wool You ask yourself: "What yarn to knit?". Then this become for you. After all, the right choice of yarn for knitting will allow you not to throw spent money to the wind and not waste your time. And.

Examples and significance of tattoos on the wrist

Examples and significance of tattoos on the wrist Tattoos have not lost their popularity for several millennia. Once, only the elect, people of high ranks and classes, could adorn their bodies with their bodies. Today, the fashion for tattoos has become a real art.

Cocktail Ruff

Cocktail "Ruff" Victoria Matyushkina May 27, 2011 The history of the cocktail "ruff" This cocktail appeared as a result of mixing alcoholic beverages. We can say that the Russian cocktail “ruff” was the original answer to the exquisite cocktails of the West. This cocktail.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs Every year before the holiday of Easter, the hostess thinks about the holiday table. And if everything is quite simple with cakes - you can find a lot of recipe options on various culinary sites or forums, or, in the end, buy.

Author's Paper

Author's paper Making handmade paper is a very creative and exciting process. The peculiarity of this master class is that to create your own author paper you will not need any special tools and materials, you can find everything you need at home. The.

What is light

What is light? A person receives most of the information about the world through the organs of vision. But the eyes themselves are able to see only one type of energy - electromagnetic, and even then in a very narrow light range. So what.

Alphabet of felt

Alphabet of felt Hippo from felt. Having tried my hand at sewing the alphabet out of felt for the baby, I decided that the experiment was a success, and you can start the implementation of the second part of the plan - making a.

DIY Can Bulbs

DIY Can Bulbs Autumn is a time of year when it is especially important to create coziness at home and significantly raise your spirits. According to the experience of the Scandinavian countries, one of the best tools for creating comfort is light. Bright light.

Garden gnome

Garden gnome All good day and good mood. What amateur gardener only flowers, but also different figures? I think that most of us, when they go to specialty stores, and see garden figures there, think that they want to see them in their garden.

DIY Quilling

DIY Quilling Among all sorts of hobbies and hobbies, lovers of needlework should pay attention to the crafts of paper. You can decorate postcards and albums with beautiful colors of colored paper, as well as use them in mixed scrapbooking techniques or decorate them.

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