Paper Dragon

Paper Dragon Dragons are found in the mythology of many nations and are sometimes revered as sacred animals - let us remember at least the Chinese dragon festival, in honor of which an annual kite festival is held. Fictional or real, dragons in the.

Headbands made of ribbons Summer Morning

Headbands from the ribbons "Summer Morning" To do the work you will need: - apparatus for burning through the fabric. - elastic bandage on the head. - scissors. - satin ribbons of white, green and yellow color 2 cm wide. - a needle with.

Owl from plastic bottles

Eagle owl from plastic bottles The owl is one of the biggest owl species. With a little effort, you can lodge such a chic bird on your porch. And the excitement of others for the owner of a funny bird is 100% guaranteed. And.

Christmas Star

Christmas star At Christmas it is customary to decorate the house with all sorts of stars that are symbols of the Star of Bethlehem. We offer you to make just such an unusual Christmas star. Make it easy and simple while it looks very.

How to turn a boring wall into a fashionable brick

How to turn a boring wall into a fashionable "brick" Such a wall does not just look like a brick. Even by touch it is difficult to determine that the brickwork under your fingers is just an imitation! How to achieve such an amazing.

Water Candle

Water Candle Good day to all, in this small article I will tell you how to make a water candle with your own hands. For this we need: A paraffin candle from which we need to get the wick. Capacity, any glass jar or.

Salt in the garden - an unsurpassed result

Cooking salt in the garden is an unbeatable result! Natural remedies instead of toxic chemicals Sometimes instead of fertilizers and pesticides you can use the most common products such as salt, sugar, garlic, kefir, mustard. Here, for example, we see the first signs of.


Spichkostrel In our time in the store you can buy almost any children's toy, although their quality and usefulness are very doubtful. And Soviet schoolchildren often made their own toys themselves. For example, matchcool. This home-made shoots close, but is made quite simply. To.

Pet Dirthead

Pet Clipper This kogtetochke - almost a year and a half. When I did it, I took photos of the stages, just in case, because I didn’t hope that it would last for a long time: after all, it’s cardboard, and the claws of.

Felt monkeys

Felt monkeys The yard is already the end of October and we can already say, we are entering the home stretch at the end of 2015 and the onset of the long-awaited 2016 monkey. In place of the fluffy and airy lamb symbol of.

Tulle Daisy

Tulle "Chamomile" After repairing the room, gently green roller blinds were hung on the windows. And yet something was missing. It was decided to knit curtains from a variety of daisies. Materials and tools: 1. Yarn "Iris" yellow and white. 2. 2.0 mm knitting.

What is ESP

Many auto manufacturers already include ESP in the design of the cars they produce. This technology has not yet managed to find its place in the basic configuration of each individual model. So far, ESP is only an additional feature that reduces the risk.

Back aches

Back aches. Very often, the back began to hurt. I work as a master in a beauty salon. I stand up all day. At the end of the work shift, my back just burns with fire. Everyone is advised to do a massage, but.

Ball of CDs

Ball of CDs Always wondered, is it possible to make a disco ball with your own hands? I tried and it turned out that you can. In order to make a disco ball with our own hands, we need a balloon, newspaper, water, paste.


Themenwox Here is a toy my father, a radio amateur, was soldering. What is this tricky device? This is a theremin. A bit of history, of course, needs to be told. The first theremin was created in 1908 by the Russian scientist and musician.

Baked lard

Baked lard It can not be that there is a person who does not like bacon. Most likely, he has not yet managed to taste the delicious baked lard, cooked according to the old Slavic recipe. This dish is eaten with pleasure at a.

Floor vase

Floor vase Today, only lazy is not engaged in improving the design of their homes. Fashion trends can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of demanding consumers. At the same time at all times, there was a demand for the decoration of the interior with.

Dog Collar

Dog Collar On the eve of the New Year do not forget to take care of a gift for your pet. Please your quadruped with a new collar, which can be done with your own hands. This master class describes how to make a.

Gauss Gun

Gauss Gun Workshops: 90 888 Diagram of the converter for a gauss gun The converter is made on the popular 555 series timer. The design of the converter is quite simple and can not cause difficulties even for beginners radio amateurs. The power of.


Stickers We need: LASERprinter,paper,tape,scissors,water.Here'sthetheoryinthepicture: It'ssimple:weprintonaprinterlikeapicture,pasteanadhesivetape,washthepa... dry andthat'sit!Thestickerisready-youcanstickit. Nowwefixthetheorywithpractice:Afterstickinganadhesivetapeontothedrawin....

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