Casket Every woman has favorite jewelry. They are convenient to store in caskets - then they will not be lost, and will be at hand all the time. Caskets are different - metal and wooden, plastic and woven, and I suggest you make a.


Fawn On the eve of the New Year holidays, I propose to tie a sweet deer, which you can give to friends or keep yourself as a decor, or simply to please your child. For this we need: a yarn of brown, dark brown.


Kukan Every experienced fisherman knows that this simple product is very convenient to use when catching predatory fish (zander, perch, pike, etc.). Kukan will help keep the fish as fresh as possible until the end of fishing. How is it used? Having planted your.


Glass In general, the situation is this, I recently discovered a small chip on my Daewoo Nexia auto, as I did not know. Came out of the house and saw this disgrace. What do you think is it worth it to change because of.

Generator for a bike from a stepper motor

Generator for a bicycle from a stepper motor A stepper motor is not only a motor that drives all sorts of devices (printer, scanner, etc.), but also a good generator! The main advantage of such a generator is that it does not need large.

How to cook perfect beef steak in a pan

How to cook perfect beef steak in a pan One of my favorite dishes that I like to cook for myself is grilled steak. Cooking the right steak is not such a simple process. But I improved my recipe time after time. This step-by-step.

Homemade basket with decorative bow

Homemade basket with decorative bow Hello, dear visitors. Today I can tell you how to make yourself a beautiful wicker basket out of paper. It would be more convenient to work, of course , with thin paper, - for example, newsprint, - but if.

18 photos that everything is not as it seems

18 photos that everything is not as it seems. There are lots of wonderful photos on the Internet, but when you looked at them, did you think about how these masterpieces were created? No, no, we are not talking about the legendary Photoshop. And.

Spring application from plasticine

Spring application from plasticine Spring is the most gentle, warm and bright season, which awakens not only dormant nature, but also the creative beginning of adults and children. With great pleasure and interest the children create various works on the spring theme, especially if.

Scarf jabot - an elegant addition to the stylish look

Scarf jabot - an elegant addition to the stylish look It is a mistake to believe that scarves are relevant only in cold weather. Such a stylish addition to clothes will look no less impressive in a summer wardrobe. The main thing - to.

Awesome Moritsugu's Awesome Pictures

Awesome paintings by Alison Moritsugu Interesting Art The artistAlison Moritsuguin her amazing works tries to recreate as accurately as possible the natural beauty of the nature of those times. Using pieces of wood instead of canvases, she creates works of art that resemble not.

Knife Sharpener from Lighter

Knife Sharpener from Lighter A simple sharpener for kitchen knives that you can do with your own hands in 5 minutes if you like. To do this, do not need scarce parts and tools. This will be a very useful thing for your kitchen.

Draw a portrait with acrylic paints

Paint a portrait with acrylic paints Learn to draw a portrait with a photo better in black and white. Print the photo in black and white, it is desirable to print a photo of the size that you plan to do the drawing, but.

Italian Christmas Cake Panettone

Italian Christmas Cake "Panettone" The lush and sweet Panetton is a traditional Italian Christmas cake, without which no festive feast on the Apennine peninsula can be done. Ingredients: 30 g baker's yeast (fresh); 670 g of flour; 260 g of sugar, 5 g of.

The sausage in the potato tunic is simple and insanely delicious

The sausage in the potato tunic is simple and insanely delicious We offer you a recipe for an excellent dish. Sausages in potato uniform, of course, very tasty, when hot, as they say, with the heat of the heat, but, nevertheless, they do not.

Rules of good taste: how to divorce intelligently

Good-order rules: how to divorce intelligently? Rule number 1: do not blame yourself for any disaster It just did not happen: you divorce - and nothing more. On average, in every European country, almost every second marriage breaks up, and no one dies of.

How to make a snake out of paper

How to make a snake out of paper? Watch the video How to make a snake out of paper? The snake is considered the main zodiac symbol of the year. Therefore, it is revered not only in China and Japan, but throughout the world.

Cross-stitch design using hoop art

Cross-stitch making using hoop art The best gift is a gift made with your own hands, is not it? In this master class, a great way to make such a gift using the technique of "Hoop art", which will surely please both beginner needlewomen.

Horseshoe Composition with Candy

Horseshoe Composition with Candy Whenever we are invited to a celebration, we puzzle what to give, what gift to choose, so that it is original, beautiful and unusual. You will not surprise anyone with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne, but.

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