Crafting rowan in kindergarten

Crafting rowan in kindergarten Coral clusters of mountain ash - one of the most impressive, expressive decorations of the autumn, a kind of its distinctive sign. They can be a good topic for creating an autumn craft in a kindergarten or at home. The.

Amazing Pumpkin Sculptures

Amazing Pumpkin Sculptures For Parties, Crafts, With Humor, Edible Decor, Art, Cooking Ray Villafanein relations with pumpkins began quite early in his life . Born into a poor peasant family, he turned out to put his toysfrom wood, it was just very hard for.

A great way to avoid chaos in the closet

A great way to avoid chaos in the closet Socks can be stored in different ways. One option is to put one in the other. Then the shelf will be a few textile "garbage bags" that do not look very aesthetically pleasing. The second.

How to block the Internet

How to block the Internet? Sam Gold June 19, 2014 It is known that the Internet acts as an information repository, where anyone can find what they need. Sometimes it happens that Internet access needs to be restricted, for example, for your children. About.

Fluffy Guest

Fluffy Guest New Year is invariably associated with mandarins, snowflakes, garlands, tinsel and gifts. Everyone complements this list in accordance with their expectations and memories from childhood, but he will continue to mention the fluffy and beautiful tree. It is such a forest guest.

Polaroid-style photos (collage)

Photos in Polaroid style (collage) Photos in Polaroid style (collage)- we take photos in Polaroid style, which can be used separately and as an element when creating a collage, as well as a small modular picture. Materials and tools: square white ceramic tile; photos;.

Summer workshop: flowerbed and green wall in terracotta pots

Country workshop: flowerbed and "green wall" in terracotta pots Master this simple master class, and soon all country guests will ask you for advice and give you compliments for a successful design solution. At the same time materials for an unusual flower garden quite.

Wire Snake

Wire Snood Every experienced angler, already in the summer, prepares for winter fishing in advance. He sets up tackles, repairs baits and makes homemade fishing with his own hands. Purchased lures can be beautiful and catchy, but the tackles made with your own hands.

Bed with bookshelf legs

Bed with bookshelf legs A bed with legs from bookshelvesis a good option for small apartments (rooms) to save space and conveniently store things. Materials and tools: three 2-tier bookshelves (shelves), you can buy at IKEA; saw; ruler, pencil; thick plywood or MDF sheet.

Seasons pictures for children

Seasons pictures for children The study of the seasons is an obligatory part of any preschool and school curriculum, without mastering which the child’s horizons will not be wide enough, and further knowledge of the surrounding world will encounter certain obstacles. When we study.

Snowflake from scrap materials

Snowflake from scrap materials Snow is spinning outside the window. Due to the white shroud on the street much brightened. The sky seems not so gray, and the mood is gloomy. Winter has come - it's time to prepare for the New Year and.

Beef with red wine sauce

Beef with red wine sauce Beef with red wine sauceis a step by step recipe. Ingredients: 2-2.2 kg of thick edge of marbled Lipetsk beef, one piece 750 ml of dry red wine; 500-700 g of champignons, better than brown; 3 red sweet bulbs;.

Rhinoplasty - a way to love yourself

Rhinoplasty - a way to love yourself In the life of any person, his external data play a big role. When he is satisfied with them, he feels confident and comfortable. But nature is not all gracious to everyone. A person may have congenital.

Desktop decorative fountain

Desktop decorative fountain Make the interior of your home the original desire of everyone. The desktop decorative fountain one of the best decisions available to everyone. When buying a finished product, you may face the problem of choosing the color, shape and performance of.

French Romance - decoupage of a bottle of champagne

French Romance - decoupage champagne Bottle preparation In order to prepare the surface for decoupage, you first need to remove all the "native" labels . Hold the bottle in room temperature water for several hours, then use a sponge to remove the label with.

Box heart for male gift

Box heart for male gift Beautiful and originalgift box "Heart" for a male gift, for example, on Valentine's Day. Materials and tools: colored cardboard; scissors; pencil and ruler; glue. Step 1 We take 3 sheets of a multi-colored cardboard: white, blue and gray. We.

Air glass partition - 20 examples for your inspiration

Air glass partition - 20 examples for your inspiration A transparent glass partition is by right the most stylish, simple and at the same time unobtrusive way to visually separate one zone from another. It is installed in studio apartments to share the living.

Second Life of a Shabby Sofa

Second Life of a Shabby Sofa Life does not stand still, and all things eventually become worthless, acquire an untidy appearance. Prices for goods are also growing rapidly, and the financial capabilities of our compatriots do not always allow us to update our wardrobe.

Pig your own hands - 10 options how to do

Pig your own hands - 10 options how to do The symbol of the year 2019 will be the Pig. Before the New Year, competitions for the best themed crafts are often held in schools and kindergartens, for this I want to make something.

Striped hooded baby jacket

Striped hooded baby jacket KnitStriped jacket with a hood for the baby. Materials and tools: 100 (150) 200 grams of white, 50 (100) 150 grams of red and yellow, 50 (100) 100 grams of brown yarn (60% cotton, 40% polyacryl, 63m / 50gr); straight.

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