What does tire labeling mean?

What does tire labeling mean? On the side of any tire you can see a lot of different symbols - numbers, letters, badges, etc. Knowing how to decipher these symbols, you will get the most comprehensive information about the bus. All possible designations: 1.

New Year's applique of yarn

New Year tree application from yarn Now the New Year is approaching with an easy step, for the meeting of which people of different generations and ages are preparing. At registration of an interior the majority use classical small lamps, a rain, garlands. Fans.

Flowers delivery in Kemerovo

Flowers delivery to Kemerovo Modern people are at a fairly high level of development. Evidence of this is the level of progress. And not only in the field of scientific and technical developments. Modern service has also reached high positions and is able to.

Three-layer berry cheesecake

Three-layer berry cheesecake. Three-layer berry cheesecake. Ingredients: 250 g cream cheese 50 g of butter 100 ml of milk 60 g flour 40 grams of corn starch 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon lemon juice 6 eggs (separate the whites from the yolks) 140 grams.

The artist spent $ 300 to turn his apartment into a paradise

The artist spent $ 300 to turn his apartment into a paradise A young artist named Korban Lundborg moved to a new apartment in California and decided to fulfill his old dream and transform his home. Korban wanted to create in his house a.

Scrub Bot Robot Cleaner

Scrub Bot Robot Cleaner In order to make our life easier through robots, I made an inexpensive bot for cleaning. This modern cleaning robot is great for polishing floors and shiny glass tables (provided you apply a soap solution). If you can not wait.

Fast food recipes for dinner

Fast food recipes for dinner Sometimes, none of us have enough time to please ourselves and our loved ones with tasty and at the same time not quite primitive dishes. Most often, coming home from work, I want to take a few products from.

Flower Heart - Greeting Card

"FlowerHeart" - greeting card If you persistently think about hearts, about love, it means that Valentine's Day is approaching. You can express your love, affection, sympathy in different ways, for example, with such a valentine made by yourself. First of all, cut a heart-shaped.

How to cook bacon in an oven

How to cook bacon in an oven Cooking bacon in the oven is the most effective and traditional way to cook bacon, in my opinion. You free up the stove for other breakfast dishes, you can watch the process. Appearance on so many, appetizing.

Goat from pomponch fur coat

Goat from a pompon of a fur coat Hello, dear readers, today I will tell you how to sew a good toy "Goat" for the New Year, which can be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament. According to ancient oriental beliefs, toys.

Buttons for kids

Buttons appliqué for children The application of buttons for children is an excellent means of developing the imagination of accuracy and patience, training fingers and hands. Kids are happy to try to create new images from ordinary objects, including buttons, which attract with their.

Tart with tangerines

Tart with tangerines Tartar Tartar- a culinary recipe for dessert. Ingredients: butter 100 gr; 2 egg yolks; wheat flour 130 g; ground almonds 30 gr; salt 1 pinch; sugar 125 g; 20 ml water ricotta cheese 250 gr; cottage cheese 50 gr; corn starch.

How to choose a lock for the front door

How to choose a lock for the front door When choosing a lock for the front door you need to avoid the principle of expensive means reliable. Although manufacturers claim otherwise, there are no locks that provide absolute security. They can differ only in.

Deer Horn USB Flash Drive

Deer Horn USB Flash Drive USB flash drive made of deer horn- master class, modding your own flash drive, keychain made of deer horn. Such a USB flash drive will be an interesting and unusual gift and will emphasize the individuality of its owner.


Snowman To make Santa Claus relieve his New Year's efforts, I propose to make him a cheerful snowman's assistant! After all, they together will be much more fun to deliver greetings and deliver gifts. We'll make a snowman in the felting technique. For the.

Baby cake decoration

Baby cake decoration I want to share my experience in decorating children's cake with sugar mastic. It's difficult for me to call this a master class, because I do not consider myself a master at all. Everything that I learned to do, I found.

Caps - little animals for kids

Caps - little animals for kids To please your baby with a new hat, you need quite a bit of time and a little patience. And also one skein of primary color and a certain amount of threads that may have remained from your.

How to make a bow on the last call with your own hands

How to make a bow on the last call with your own hands The last bell is a good tradition of farewell to graduates with a school. Completion of a carefree childhood, ahead - independent, adult life. Of course, on this day, everyone wants.

Christmas socks made of felt

Christmas socks made of felt BeautifulChristmas socks made of feltfor home decoration. Materials and tools: paper and pencil; white, red and black felt sewing machine; glue gun; scissors; multi-colored fabric, ribbons Christmas decorations. Step 1 We draw a sock on a piece of paper.

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