Painting tiles: we update the interior at no extra cost

Tile - durable finishing material. It is not always reasonable to clean a perfectly laid tile just because it went out of fashion. It is much easier and more profitable just to repaint it according to your own preferences. With a brush in hand, it is easy to completely transform the bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. In the absence of skills for drawing, you can use stencils or pick up a pixel pattern.

Nuances to consider when painting tiles

Do not save on paint. In the modern market of building materials it is possible to find paint that is resistant to moisture and abrasion for interior use. Well-chosen paint falls flat on the smooth surface of the tile.

In order to put the drawing was durable, you can additionally open it with acrylic varnish. You will need to work as a brush or rollers, stencils, masking tape.Drawing can be both continuous, and dot. If desired, the wall or floor can be supplemented with an ornament, separate drawings scattered over the surface, or a plot picture.

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