Palette of autumn: 10+ photo-ideas of autumn decor and crafts from Kashtanov

Autumn pleases lovers of crafts with a variety of interesting natural materials. In cities where it is not always possible to find cones, branches and acorns, chestnuts help out. They have a very beautiful appearance both by themselves and in the form of decorative compositions. Even the process of collecting chestnuts brings pleasure, and if you can somehow use them, it’s doubly pleasant ...

The simplest crafts can be done with children, and something more complicated can become a permanent decoration of the interior. Interesting compositions can be presented to friends, or sold at a charity fall fair.

With pieces of dark cardboard made of chestnut, it's easy to make a small bat. Eyes are easy to make from the packaging from the tablets. These mice will be a great decoration for a Halloween party.

Having connected several chestnuts with a durable thread, you can make an interesting toy in the shape of a snake.

Legs from a wire, pieces of felt and eyes ... And in front of us are no longer just chestnuts, but funny little men. And if you managed to get other natural materials, such as acorns, needles, hats, etc., a variety of handicrafts is limited only by imagination.

It is possible to make magnificent topiary from chestnuts and hats from acorns, which will fit into almost any interior.

Chestnuts are a great base for a small puppet show. With the help of the most simple details, you can create many original characters.
Heart shape decor will require a bit more effort. Drill chestnuts can be a thin drill. Then from the strong wire the skeleton of the necessary form is created.

Chestnuts - a great solution for creating crafts to school and kindergarten. In this case, you can only help the child, and the design he will come up with himself ...And whole families of chestnuts ...You can even try to embody your own family in chestnuts.

And not the fact that it will be similar to the original.The decoration for the front door for the autumn holidays can be so much enjoyed by guests and hosts that it will be left for the New Year!

For children who often lose toys in the garden, they can be done very simply.

To create such a decoration will take a lot of time and patience, but the result is worth it!
Owl - a symbol of wisdom.

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