Mysterious Couple panel using iris folding technique

There is such an interesting technique in needlework as iris folding. Basically it is used in the manufacture of paper crafts. But I like working with textiles more. Therefore, almost all my works are made using the technique of iris folding from fabric. Looking through various sites on needlework, I liked the couple, painted as silhouettes on a black and white background. And I, picking up the idea, decided to make a panel in the technique of iris folding.
 iris folding
I will share the main stages of the work, here is my master class. Selecting two contrasting colors (yellow and black), we take a thick cardboard and draw the silhouette of a gentleman with a cane and an elegant lady. It was decided to make a lady in yellow on a black background, and a man, on the contrary - in a black tone on a yellow background. For crafts, you will need:thick colored cardboard (in our case, 1 sheet of black and 1 sheet of bright yellow cardboard), 2 sheets of plain white cardboard, black and yellow cloth, scissors, stationery knife or blade,scotch and pattern of iris folding.
 mark up and draw silhouettes
You can prepare templates yourself or use those that offer themed websites on needlework . In the presented works, the templates were drawn independently. We used two geometric figures - a rectangle and a triangle. From the wrong side on the colored cardboard we mark out and draw silhouettes. After the silhouettes are drawn, they must be cut with a sharp clerical knife or blade strictly along the contour. This will be our foundation on which the strips of fabric will be attached. The edges of the silhouettes should be clear and smooth.
 cut out the figure
Let's start the work with the silhouette of a man.First you need to cut strips of black fabric 2 cm wide, they can be of different lengths. Each strip must be folded and ironed properly with an iron, then it will be easier to fix the tape. For the male silhouette, 2 rectangles of different sizes were used - in the head area and in the dress coat. On the table we fix the templates with adhesive tape and place them on top.prepared base and fixed with tape too.
 cut silhouette of a man
 strips of fabric
Anchor templates
Iris folding technique man
Now n I started the most time-consuming process that requires accuracy and care from the performer. Each strip of fabric lay out on a lined pattern in a circle, starting from the edge to the middle, with a bend in the middle. Fasten the edges of the fabric with scotch tape, sticking the edge of the fabric to the base. And so until everything closes and in the middle there will be a small rectangle that can be closed with a cloth or black cardboard. On the seamy side, the craft may not look tidy, but have patience and complete the panel. The seamy side is covered with a blank sheet of cardboard or fiberboard, prepared in the size of the base. Now you peel off the product from the surface and turn it over. And this is the result for which it was worth working. We also make a lady in the same way.We fix the templates and the base with adhesive tape so that they do not move during work.The upper part (head and torso to the waist) will be laid out on a rectangle pattern, and the skirt - on a triangle pattern. The legs and black gloves (and hands) were laid out separately by simply parallel stripes. Since the lady is carved on a black background, the fabric used is yellow satin. And the strip behind the strip is laid out by the second panel, the middle in the triangle can be closed with black cloth for contrast.
 strips of woman's cloth
 we make the lady
woman Iris technique folding
When the work is completed, additional of all stripes can pokleit whole strip of adhesive tape. Then the wrong side is sealed with white cardboard or fiberboard. The finished panel can be turned over and admire the work received.
 iris folding
It remains to place both panels in frames and hang on the wall. They will be a wonderful decoration for the interior of any room. It is especially important that it is made by hand.

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