Flowers made of paper for Mother's Day

Every woman is pleased to receive as a gift flowers made by the child’s hands - the embodiment of beauty and grace, a reflection of all the most beautiful things in the world. Particularly relevant is the making of flowers from paper on Mother's Day - at this time the garden plants are already flowering, so that to do without unnecessary costs,

the child will be able to make a bouquet of materials available to him. There are many ways to make paper flowers for Mother's Day. We propose to consider one of the most simple, because the little one can cope with such a handicraft if you help him a little.

Flowers from paper for Mother's Day

Flowers from the paper on Mother's Day.

All you need is cut out carton boxes from eggs, stripes of thin colored paper folded in several layers, ballpoint pen or pencil, green cardboard, slightly clerical transparent glue andglitter.

Getting started.

Cutting out cell cartons

 Cutting the cells

Cutting the cells

and paint them to match the color of the paper.

We fold a strip of thin paper along several times to make it more durable and able to hold the shape.

We fold thin paper

Fold up thin paper

 Folded paper

Folded paper

Now we take this paper strip and start winding it around the handle in a spiral - so that each next curl is just below the previous one. We put the paper rather weakly so that you can easily remove it.

 Wrap on the handle

Wrap on the handle

Wrap the entire strip, carefully remove it from the handle so that the sequence of curls is not broken. Slightly loosen them and gently place them in a cardboard box, which is well smeared with glue in advance.

Cut the green petals out of the green cardboard and glue it to the flower cup.

It only remains to decorate our craft: you need to center drip a little bit of office glue and sprinkle it with sparkles.Sequins can be replaced with beads, glass beads or beads.

 Paper Flowers for Mother's Day

Paper Flowers for Mother's Day

We make several such flowers, decorate them with a composition or make a bouquet. You can add cups with stalks of kebab sticks or cocktail tubes.

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