Paper model SAU CU-26

Paper model SAU SU-26- light Soviet self-propelled artillery installation of direct infantry support. Built on the chassis of a light tank T-26. Developed in August 1941 at the plant. Kirov in Leningrad. In its production used the chassis of damaged tanks T-26.

Materials and tools:

  1. scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler
  2. tweezers;
  3. glue brushes and paint;
  4. watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks;
  5. clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.);
  6. to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g / m2; for small parts - 70-80 g / m2.

Build Tips:

  1. Before you assemble the part, read the drawings and instructions. Determine the place of each part and imagine its assembly;
  2. Make holes in details before cutting out the part;
  3. Cut only the part (s) you need right now. Unpacked items in a box, and unused sheets in a closed folder (as an option).Throwing out trash after work, carefully inspect the scrap paper;
  4. To better fold the part, it is necessary to hold the ruler along the fold line, pressing lightly with the blunt side of the knife or a toothpick so as not to damage the paper surface. Better to do it from the wrong side of the part;
  5. Keep your fingers clean and be sure to use wipes to wipe your hands, because hands may get dirty in the process;
  6. wind up cylindrical parts before gluing onto a round object of a suitable diameter, this will give them shape;
  7. Before gluing it is necessary to paint the ends of the part. White crop lines spoil the overall look of the model. To paint the ends, use watercolors or gouache paints. After selecting the desired color, apply them in a thin layer, then allow the paint to dry. About markers better to forget;
  8. Take your time with gluing. First, cut out the part, paint it from the end, wait for the paint to dry, assemble the part. Attach it to the place where it should be to make sure everything is done correctly. And only then stick. Do not forget to let the glue dry.

A bit of history

Soviet Su-26 self-propelled artillery mounts

Quite a lot of interesting cars based on the T-26 was created in the army and at industrial enterprises during the Second World War, and both in our country and abroad. Self-propelled units made in besieged Leningrad are widely known, though the information about these machines is extremely stingy. So, in the documents of the 124th Tank Brigade, formed in Leningrad in September 1941, there is such a record dated October 15: "The brigade has 37 mm cannons - 5, two of them on the T-26 chassis". However, what these self-propelled installations looked like wasn’t yet established.

In addition to installations with 37-mm cannons, other self-propelled guns were made in Leningrad. Judging by the photos available, the T-26 chassis with the turret removed were used as the base. Above was installed the flooring on which the 76-mm regimental cannon was mounted obr. 1927.  

The gun had a circular fire and armored shield, covering the calculation in front and from the sides. The manufacture of such installations was carried out at the Kirov lifting and transport equipment factory in the fall of 1941.

Their exact designation could not be established: in the documents they pass as SU-T-26, T-26-SU, SU-26, or simply as SU-76. According to the report of the defense industry of the GK VKP (b) on the production of equipment and ammunition in Leningrad, only 14 SU-26s were manufactured, but with what weapons they did not say. If we assume that the 37 mm SAU was two, then the remaining 12 - with a 76 mm cannon.

76-mm SU-T-26 entered the tank brigades of the Leningrad Front. For example, on January 12, 1942, the 124th tank brigade received "3 76-mm guns on self-propelled installations T-26". On February 20, 1942, during the attack of the 124th tank brigade of German positions in the area of ​​Vinagolovo, 2 self-propelled units on the T-26 chassis with 76 mm and 37 mm cannons were destroyed and burnt down. In addition to the 124th brigade, the 76-mm installation on the T-26 was also part of the 220th tank brigade: but as of May 17, 1942 it had 4 such installations that were in operation until 1944.

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