Paper rose

When there are always flowers in an apartment or house, even the air seems cleaner and more pleasant. All year round it is rather complicated to please yourself with fresh flowers, so I figured out how to pamper myself with beautiful scents and types, without real flowers. Today I will tell and show you how to make a beautiful, fragrant rose out of ordinary office paper, which will look very much like your real girlfriend. You should be at hand: • Office colored paper. • Wire. • Corrugated paper in green. • PVA glue. • • Pencil, scissors, ruler. • • An elongated bead or piece of plasticine.
should to be at hand
In order for the petals of our rose to be the same we need imo make a piece. It is done very simply. We don’t need perfect proportions, it’s important that we get a piece with six petals. We draw a flat line with a length of 10 cm. Now visually divide the sides of the line into two more parts. A little less in one, a little more in the other - it does not matter. Then we connect the lines with an arch to make petals.Cut the drawn piece.
draw pattern
According to our pattern, we need to draw as many blanks. How many will fit on a sheet of A4. I managed to hold 7 pieces.
 cut blanks
Now we take the wire and the bead and pass the edge of the wire into the hole, bending the edge. If there are no beads, you can make a cone of clay. In all blanks do a hole in the center. We take the first workpiece and pass the wire through it.
 we pass the edge of the wire into the hole
We start to collect our bud. We glue the two opposite petals with glue and begin to glue one by one onto the bead.
 We begin to collect the bud
So we collect all the first harvest. We also glue the second one, but when all the petals are glued, lightly crush the top of the bud. We glue the third billet on each of the three petals. Three opposite sheets are smeared with glue and, gluing them on the bud,slightly wrap the edges.
 collect the entire first blank
After you glue all six petals, you should have a beautiful, half-open rose bud . If you wish, you can stop at this stage. But, if you want a more magnificent rose, then continue to glue the blanks.
 half-opened rose bud
To make a rose lush and petals naturally curl, take a piece of wire or knitting needle and twisting the edges of the petals from two sides, at an angle.
 the petals were naturally twisted
The billet with the hindrance with the same petals, as well as the previous one, we glue on three petals.
 with twisted petals
The next preparation is processed in the same way as the previous one - we twist the petals. However, now we add another action. Something round, I have an iron ball, we take each petal from the center to the edge. From this, the petals will begin to round and wrap in a bud.I tried to do the same with the lacquer cap, it turns out the same beautiful petals.
 processing the workpiece
The petals will have to be wrapped in a bud rolled up in a clockwise direction. So that it does not disintegrate, glue the joints with glue.
 wrap up in the bud
Put on the last petals and wrap the wire with green crepe paper.
 Paper rose is just like a real
This is a beautiful tea rose. To achieve even greater naturalness, you can drop a couple of drops of rose oil in the center of the bud. Then the flower will acquire a pleasant scent.
 Paper rose do it yourself

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