Paper Swan Box

A box in the form of a swan, folded from a sheet of paper, can be an ornament to a children's holiday table. You can serve any candy or nuts in it. Prepare to decorate the table and make such a crust will be interesting with the children.
 Paper Swan Box
For its manufacture you will need a square sheet of paper, the size of which will depend on the size box size.
Paper swan box
We fold the sheet diagonally.
 Paper Swan Box
Then you need to fold the paper in the other direction also diagonally. Expand the sheet.
Paper swan box
Now we bend the bottom corner of the square to the middle line, forming a triangle fold.
 Box of paper swan
Similarly, we act with the top corner,positioning it symmetrically to the previous one.
 Paper Swan Box
Turn the workpiece of the future swan to the other side and simultaneously rotate it 90 degrees.
 Paper Swan Box
The bottom corner is bent to the top.
 Swan's box s of paper
We unfold the workpiece on the other side.  Paper swan box
Fold back the left fold and give it a triangle shape.
 Paper swan box
We do the same with the right fold. Box of foreheads from paper We unfold the workpiece by 180 degrees.  Paper swan box Zagneta her upper corner.
Paper swan box
Now, the lower corner of the rhomb needs to be bent to the planned fold line.  Box swan from paper Turn off a little corner, it will be our swan's head.
 Paper swan box
Fold the workpiece in half along.
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