Paper Tube Bottle Holder

Paper Tube Bottle Holderis a simple stand for a bottle of wine made from paper tubes.

Materials and tools:

  1. paper or newspaper;
  2. glue;
  3. paint;
  4. thick cardboard;
  5. ruler;
  6. stationery knife.

Step 1

From paper or newspaper sheets, we roll up tubules about 28 cm long. Then we glue the tubes together. After the glue dries, we cut off exactly the bottom. In this step, we will also shape the top of the stand by cutting the tubules with a knife.

Step 2

Then gently twist the "mat from the tubes" into the tube, glue it together and fix it with an elastic band. From the thick cardboard cut the bottom and glue to the tube.

After the glue dries, paint the wine holder in the desired color.

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