Patchwork pillow with a pattern

Patchwork pillow with a pattern- combine embroidered motifs with beautiful pieces of fabric to create a patchwork masterpiece.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white fabric, 32x32cm;
  3. fabrics with a pattern, 4 parts, size 13x26cm, 1 part 36x36cm;
  4. filler.


Step 1

Trim the embroidery to make a square with a side of 16 cm. You will also need four pieces measuring 13x26 cm from a fabric with a pattern. Stitch one piece of fabric with one side of the canvas with embroidery face to face, so that the edges are aligned along one of the corners. On the opposite side there will be excess tissue.

Unfold the seams and flatten them with an iron. Pin with pins (leaving a small step between them) and sew the second piece of fabric face to face to the perpendicular side of the embroidery, so that one edge is aligned along the edge of the fabric and the other edge is aligned with the edge of the embroidery on the perpendicular side.

Attach the remaining two parts in this way, moving in the same direction. Cut out the part for the back of the same size as the finished part of the front. Sew two pieces face-to-face, leaving a turning hole. Turn to the front side, insert the filler and sew a hole with a hidden stitch.

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