Hanging Flowers

One day I decided to decorate my garden with additional pendant flowers. I wanted to hang on the fence to create a more vibrant atmosphere in the garden. I went to the store, which sold only round hanging pots. Of course they did not suit me either by sight or by price. And then came across a pipe from the rain drain.
Pendant Flowers
The idea matured by itself. Take the pipe, make a longitudinal cut, glue the plugs on the edges. PVC pipes do not rot, do not deteriorate. They will literally serve for thousands of years. I took a four inch PVC pipe. Cut off three identical pieces to make a three-tiered hanging flower garden.
Suspended flowers
Then I sawed off a little less than half the pipe on the end saw, you can also saw it with a regular hand saw. File removed burrs. Sticking the stub with glue.
Suspended flowers
For fastening drilled holes in the plugs on top.I also drilled holes from the bottom, so that excess water would not accumulate, if we say it rains, because this box will hang on the street. Then I missed the rope in all three pots of different lengths.
Pendant Flowers
Filled the boxes with earth. To prevent the drainage holes from clogging, lay a cloth in several layers on the bottom. I planted flowers and hung this design on the fence.
Pendant Flowers
Looks, I will tell you, very healthy. Such plastic structures can be used not only in the garden, but also at home, on the balcony, etc. The main advantage of this workshop is, of course, cheapness and simplicity of construction.

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