Pendant Tree of life from wire

Materials and tools:

  1. wire thickness of 1 mm and 0.6 mm;
  2. pliers, nippers and round pliers;
  3. something round for a ring.

Step 1

Take a wire 1 mm thick, at the end we make a loop (ring). Now we take a tube with a diameter of about 3 cm and make 2-3 turns of wire around it, remove from the tube and bite off the excess, leaving an end 2 cm long. Then, bend the end with the loop at an angle of 900 to the ring, wrap the second free end around loop (see figure). The basis of the pendant is ready.

Step 2

img src="">

Let's start weaving the very Tree of Life from a wire, for this we need a wire with a thickness of 0.6 mm. It will take 6 pieces of wire 18 cm long (for the first pendant it is better to take a longer piece of wire).

Collect all pieces of wire in a bundle, retreat 4 cm from the bottom and twist a 2 cm long tree trunk.Place the tree trunk in the middle of the ring (the base of the pendant), from the ends of 4 cm we will make the roots of the tree, wrapping the ends of the wire around the ring (see figure).

From the free ends of the wire we make the crown of the tree. To make the crown beautiful, we will make curls of wire; you can also use beads, beads, etc. to decorate the crown. So we do with all the ends of the wire.

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