Pet Clipper

This kogtetochke - almost a year and a half. When I did it, I took photos of the stages, just in case, because I didn’t hope that it would last for a long time: after all, it’s cardboard, and the claws of our pets know how strong they are. But, as it turned out, the do-it-yourself kogtetochka turns out to be just as good, and the “work” is even better than the factory one (it is also visible in the photo), for which we once laid out about $ 25. Now this “shop option” is used by my cats only as a toy, no more.
 kogtetochka for a pet
And now we (my and my photo) tell and show you how to make a scratching post with your own hands and literally from scrap materials. To get started, stock up with a sufficient amount of corrugated cardboard (it took 4.5 boxes about the size of champagne to my scraper). It is important that the boxes you choose be made of the same thicknesscardboard. Armed with a ruler and a pencil, large scissors, two tubes of gel glue and bay painting tape (tape does not exactly fit, because its outer side does not adhere well with glue). Disassemble the boxes "for parts", cutting them along the fold lines. Each face will need to be cleaned of dust with a damp cloth - otherwise you will not succeed in a dense roll. When all this is done, we cut narrow strips from the details of the box (in my case it was 8.5 cm).
 kogtetochka for a pet
It is clear that these stripes will be of different lengths, so I advise you to use the shortest of them at the beginning, because they are easier to fold into a roll.
kogtetochka for pet
When you fold the very first strip, immediately fix it with masking tape, as shown below. This is necessary so that the roll does not unfold when you grease the interface with glue before applying the next strip. Smeared? Attach a new strip and hold it with your hand for a minute or two,so that the glue is absorbed.
 kogtetochka for a pet
Do not be alarmed if the middle of a roll will first look a bit" loose "and clumsy; in the future, everything will "sit down", and the irregularities will be smoothed.
 kogtetochka for a pet
The more bands you reel, the smoother and prettier it looks future kogtetochka; from a cardboard, by the way, various toys are easily made with which cats have fun with great pleasure. For now, look at the product, which is about three-quarters long.
 kogtetochka for a pet
We continue patiently to wrap strip by strip, holding each paint together taping and glueing the joints. The arrow shows the direction in which it is necessary to periodically “roll” the roll so that the layers lie more closely.
pet clipper
When our circle reached the required diameter (I had exactly 36 cm), paste over the outer layer with patterned or colored paper.I used ordinary wrapping, and on top - self-bonding, so that the edges are not shaggy, when the cat will be engaged in "manicure".
 kogtetochka for a pet
Here is the last photo: it looked like a scratching stone right after production. See how all the new and even? And now go back to the first photo and compare it with a scratching pad after active exploitation for a year and a half. The wear indicator is rather low, which means that our homemade scratching tool will still serve and serve.
pet clipper

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