Photo ideas of original floors that will amaze your guests

Sex is a very important accent, setting the style of the whole room. And if you want to do without carpets, accumulating dust and dirt, pay special attention to the choice of a suitable coating. The correct floor will create the mood of the whole house, and it is not at all necessary to spend a whole fortune on it. Combine incompatible, use natural materials, and feel free to give free rein to your imagination.

Flooring with solid trunks

Such a floor can be a real find for the design of a country house. If you have access to wood and your own saw, the floor will be a budget, but very aesthetic solution. Choose a varnish that does not hide the structure of the wood - in fact it is responsible for the aesthetics of eco-style.

The floor is made of thick wooden timber

This coating looks more strictly than the floor of the cut, and lay it a little easier. Do not have to think about what to fill in the gaps between the parts.If you combine the bars with other types of coatings, you can select individual zones in the room.

Leather belt

A rather unusual decision. But, perhaps you have an unclaimed collection of these accessories. Apparently the author of this alteration was she who got it. The floor of the belts is durable and has its own aesthetics.

Gender of many small coins

It is difficult to estimate how expensive it is to implement such a project. It is important to choose coins of petty dignity, or those that are long out of circulation. The color of some coins can be changed with special reagents and cleaning. This will allow you to lay out a complicated ornament.

Lay on the floor old unpainted boards

This floor will look more stylish than a wide board, painted with oil paint. Use the wood that is already a bit old, or give it a similar look with special varnishes and stains.

Old brick as a floor covering

Brick is traditionally used to create a frame of buildings. But he does an excellent job with the formation of the floor. It is not inferior to the strength of the usual tile. And with the help of grinding this material can give a pleasant gloss. Use the similarity of brick with stone, and pave a part of the floor in those rooms where it is appropriate.

Concrete floor

Such coverage is more common to see not in residential buildings, but rather in industrial premises. But if you look closely, it becomes clear that a kind of aesthetics is present in it. The austerity of concrete emphasizes modern design and serves as an excellent backdrop for bright, interesting pieces of furniture.

The combination of several types of coatings in the same room

Combine different materials to distinguish individual zones in the room. It is not necessary to leave clear boundaries, it is more interesting when the material flows into each other. It seems as if the tile was implanted in wood, or vice versa.

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