Pig your own hands - 10 options how to do

The symbol of the year 2019 will be the Pig. Before the New Year, competitions for the best themed crafts are often held in schools and kindergartens, for this I want to make something unusual and original. There are a lot of step-by-step master classes - how to make a hand-made pig with your own hands with step-by-step photos and videos.

A pig is a soulful old woman, she is courteous, amiable, and extremely scrupulous. She can be entrusted with any secret secret, she will never give and the secrets entrusted to her will never let loose. She is honest, she will never lie, even for her own good, she is simple and vulnerable. But she is not as weak as good-natured. As the Chinese horoscope says, the boar is a symbol of pleasure, simplicity, passion and fertility. Year of the pig will be successful and favorable for all!


How to make a pig with your own hands

To this holiday you can make a bunch of crafts with your own hands.A festive gift can be absolutely anyone, but it will be better if there is a symbol of the year in it - a pig. Decide in advance what you want to do for the upcoming year. The gift should be pleasant, beautiful and useful. But no matter how cool, but everyone likes to receive a gift, made with their own hands.

Pig do it yourself

Here are the current ideas:

  1. Sew or knit small copies of piglets.
  2. Make a greeting card with a pig and be sure to write a greeting in it - a great gift for a colleague and just as an addition to the main present.
  3. Make a pig in the form of a soft toy.
  4. You can make a piggy piggy bank from a plastic bottle.
  5. You can also make pillows for a sofa, a chair and even for a car. Cute piglets will warm and delight those whom you donate to them.

DIY plasticine piglet

Despite the fact that piglets are pink and cute, they love to measure pools and mess around in the mud. Often the delicate color of their skin is hidden under a thick brown layer of earth or clay. In this lesson we blind the pink pig that bathes in the swamp.We will start the lesson with the selection of material, then we knead the mass in the hands, we roll up suitable parts and assemble into a single product.

Sculpting is a useful and fascinating activity that aims to develop the child’s mental abilities in the same way as drawing or creating paper applications.

How to make a pig with your own hands

Perhaps such a figure will be needed if you are creating a farm, playing an exciting game of reproducing animal sounds, putting on a play about three little pigs. In any case, creating animals with your own hands is always exciting.

What you need to work:

  • The main material is pink plasticine;
  • Brown plasticine;
  • Chestnut or acorn - helps save mass;
  • Toothpick - fasteners of the head and torso.

For work, we can take 1 bar of plasticine to get a miniature figure. Save weight will allow an acorn or chestnut. These fruits have a rounded shape, so you can mask such a frame inside the trunk. In any case, we will have to show a fat creature, because all the pigs are very well-fed, so the extra volume of the body will not hurt.

From the prepared pink plasticine you need to make: a trunk (for it, prepare an acorn or chestnut and a large flat cake), legs, head and tail. Cut the bar into pieces and each one individually in the hands, if you have a dense, rather than a waxy clay.

Glue a pink cake on the acorn, place it between your palms and smooth out, roll out the surface. Next you need to make a ball-head, attach using a toothpick. But the matter is complicated by the dense material that we placed inside the body.

We'll have to pre-make a hole in the acorn, then to insert a piece of toothpick into it. Also make small fragments that allow you to copy the look of the planned pet: ears, penny, tail.

On the ball glue a wide patch of cake. Push twice a dent. Glue a little above the eyes, and a little below cut the mouth.

Connect the head with the body to the toothpick. To the head, cover the ears, lowering the cakes down.Glue the tail from behind and twist it into a spiral. The figure already looks like a piglet.

Make legs. No need to do each separately. You can form simple rectangular parts, cut along the tip of the toothpick, then glue two hooves to each workpiece.

Attach the legs to the torso. Make also a big cake made of brown plasticine - it will be a swamp where we will put our sweet pig. She will enjoy swimming in the sun.

Farm dweller - plasticine pig is ready. She does not grunt, does not run away, does not ask for food - it's just a toy that is very similar to a real animal. Perhaps this is one of those three famous piglets that outsmarted the evil wolf.

Piglet made of plasticine by one's own hands

Plastic bottle pig

In this master class, we'll make this pig from a regular plastic bottle.

Pig from a plastic bottle

It is better to choose a bottle with a pink cap. But you can also paint any cover with pink acrylic paint.

Cut the middle of the bottle - we need to shorten it.

We connect the upper and lower parts, if desired, you can fix them with glue.

Next, we'll need:

  • four foot covers
  • printed ears and eyes.

Our sketch can be printed in A4 format.

Cut out all the elements, also do not forget to cut a strip for the tail.

Using hot glue, we fix ears, eyes and pink jumpsuit.

We attach the legs.

Our glamorous pig is ready!

Piglet - a toy made of pompons with your own hands

Here is such a fluffy and soft pig made from knitting yarns.

Piglet from pompoms own hands

We need:

  • wool thread;
  • Pink Blue Wire;
  • felt;
  • button;
  • ready eyes;
  • cardboard.

We cut two rings out of cardboard: an outer circle with a diameter of 7 cm, an inner circle 5 cm.

We cut yarns 1-1.5 meters long into 5-6 threads.

We put the two rings together and start wrapping them with yarn.

Winding until the hole closes.

You can drag the last circles with the help of sticks.

Then, along the outer edge, we cut the yarn with sharp scissors.

Slightly push the rings, wrap the middle thread and tie.

It remains only to take off the rings and shake the pompom.

From the chenille wire we make the legs, tail and paste.

I didn’t have a pink button of a suitable size for a piglet’s heels, so I painted a suitable button with pink nail polish.

Next, cut the ears out of pink felt, make a bow from a narrow ribbon.

All this is glued to our pomponchiku.

Soft pig is ready!

It took half a skein of standard yarn.

Origami Bookmark

Many parents and all caregivers spend a lot of time and attention on developing children's motor skills. Why do this? Developing fine motor skills, you develop also the brain, that is attention, thinking and memory.And how to do it?

For the development of children's fine motor skills, special techniques were created and quite a few books were written. But even without knowing all this, you can invent for your child something new, interesting and useful every day. For example, you can make an unusual bookmark for books in the form of a pig in the technique of origami.

Origami Pig

By itself, this unique ancient technique is already designed to develop fingers and handles, as well as attention. Therefore, without wasting time, let's start!

Materials required for making a bookmark:

  • color paper pink two-sided;
  • scissors;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • glue;
  • button.

First, we need to build a square with a side of 12-15 cm using a ruler and a pencil

Carefully cut it out and fold it diagonally once.

Now you need to add two corners to the fold, as shown in the photo.

Next, expand the corners and fold the top corner to the middle.Carefully smooth the bends and get auxiliary lines.

Fold the side corners and wrap them in the resulting envelope. The billet corner is ready. Now we begin to revive her.

We’ll make a pig from this corner, so we need to cut our ears out of the same pink paper. A pink big button will serve as a patch. You can get your eyes ready for toys, but you can draw them and then cut them out.

Gently glue the button, eyes and ears. The result is a funny, funny piglet who will store the page and you can easily find it.

Bookmark a pig with your own hands

And what an original gift for a dad or grandmother! Especially valuable because it is made by children's hands.

Crochet Pencil Holder

Each of us has pencils and pens. Especially in children. And that all of them were in one place and not lost, we'll tie the cute pencil crochet in the form of a piglet.Such a pencil holder fits perfectly into the nursery. In addition, it is not difficult to tie it.

Pencil in the form of a crochet pig

For knitting pencil we need:

  • light pink, dark pink and black yarn;
  • hook;
  • needle;
  • a little synthepon
  • glass.

We start with knitting the bottom of the pencil. We tie a circle of crochets. Knit light pink yarn.

Perform a sliding eyelet and tie twelve columns into it. Starting from the second row, we will increase. In one row in each loop, in the other through the loop, in the next through three loops and so on. Knit a circle to the size of the bottom of the glass, which will be the basis of pencil. Bottom we have done. The glass for the base is better to take heavy so that the pencil holder is firmly standing and does not fall.

And now we need to slightly raise our next row. To do this, we knit a row behind the back walls of the loops and do not make any more gains. We start to knit the walls.

We knit rows until our knitted cup hides the base. So we tied the usual glass.

Tie spout nickle. We knit it with dark pink yarn. Perform two loops and tie one six crochets into one. From the second row we will make increases. In one row to each loop and in the other row through the loop.

Then we knit a row behind the back walls of the loops and tie another row with single crochets.

Now let's tie the piglet's ears. They knit dark pink yarn.

We will make four air loops and in the initial loop we will make two double crochets. Knit four pivot rows. And in each of them we make an increase in the first and last column.

Light pink yarn tied each ear with a single crochet.

Black yarn tie eyes. In the sliding eyelet, we will perform ten semi-columns with a crochet and tighten the loop.

On the patch we embroider mink with black yarn. Sew a penny to the middle of our knitted cup, slightly filling it with padding polyester.

And sew the ears on the sides, folding their wide part in half. To sew the ears exactly, you can find the middle and count in two directions the same number of columns.

Then sew eyes.

It only remains to embroider a smile. It is also embroidered with black yarn.

A piglet in the shape of a crochet pig is ready!

Do-It-Yourself Foxyran Pig Application

A little pink pig will work for you if you repeat this interesting lesson. Naturally, it is intended for children, they are - big fans of paperwork. The figure will turn out unique, because you need to make it exclusively from circles. In order to somehow diversify the work, let's replace the paper with Foamiran - an unfamiliar material of a unique soft texture. It will be even more interesting to work with him.

If you have a pink sheet, then it is perfect for a small pink pig, if not, then take the paper or foamiran on your own. The circles will become the details for the execution of the crafts, this form will allow you to reproduce the fact that the piggy is plump.

Foamiran application "Piglet" do-it-yourself

To perform a piglet-like application, prepare:

  • Pink Foamiran;
  • blue cardboard;
  • compass;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • white paper coin
  • black marker.

How to make an application in the form of a pig with your own hands step by step.

Blue cardboard will be the canvas for an interesting foamirano appliqué. The pink leaf will later become a mumps, from it you need to cut a sufficient number of circles of a suitable size. Such a minimum of materials will be used.

Cut out 3 large and 1 small circle of pink foamiran. The small circle will become a head, one of the larger will become the trunk of a pet. Leave them unchanged. Cut the two remaining large circles in half. While you need 3 semicircles to simulate the legs, the hind legs will visually merge, so you can not show the second.

Stick on the center of a large whole circle - this is the body of a pig, you need to arrange it so that all other parts of the body fit on the prepared sheet. Directly to the round body, join one half of the circle - the leg, push the second leg forward a little. But make these 2 details on the same level. Thus, the front legs will already be in place.

On top of the two semi-circles, glue a small circle - this will be the head of the animal. Add a leg behind, turning the part with the convex side to the head.

Now you need to use the remaining half of the third large circle. In the second stage of work, we cut 2 of them in half, but only 3 halves were used for the legs. So, the last fragment will be used to perform the ears and tail. Cut 3 segments. Thus, the originally prepared parts will be triangular.

Glue the ears to the head, put the tips down and glue it together. Attach another segment in the form of a tail from behind, bend it as many times as possible to show a hook imitation. The foamiran figurine is ready. Now you can arrange mordochu. Stick in front of a white coin from the paper - a penny, draw black dots. Also make 2 slits - eyes. That's all the material manipulation.

The piglet turned out to be very positive, this kids hack will appeal to all the kids, because it is light in execution and bright.

By the same principle, you will be able to perform completely different familiar or exotic animals. Experiments are always interesting and useful for the development of children.

How to pile a piglet out of wool

Wool toys look amazing, they seem to be alive. Today, the availability and range of colors of wool makes it possible to make any animal. In this master class, I will show you how to pile a pig of wool with your own hands with step-by-step photos. See here for details - felting wool.

How to Pull a Pig from a Wool

How to make a chestnut chestnut pig

Of course, pigs are often portrayed pink, and chestnuts are brown. We have 2 ways - to mask chestnuts under a thin layer of pink plasticine or to use pink mass only fragmentary, sticking additional parts of the figure.

How to make a pig out of a chestnut

This tutorial gives a detailed account of how to make a pet out of natural material.This hand-crafted article is easy to carry out, therefore, children of kindergarten age will master it. How to make a pig from a chestnut look here.

Pig pigs with your hands video lesson

Piggy - a toy from a sock video lesson

The yellow pig is a symbol of 2019

People born in the year of the Pig usually have success in business. Representatives of this sign are energetic, resourceful and straightforward. They take their business seriously and can go to great lengths to fulfill their desires. Moral and material satisfaction fully characterize the year of the Pig. But some people can live this year carefree without much money. They do not notice aggression and betrayal in the surrounding.

In the year of Kabana, brave and strong people are born who go ahead in any situation. Boars are hardworking and intelligent, but they also believe in deception, often confusing it with the truth. Wild boars prefer to follow the straight path, they are simple and open people who can find a common language with the surrounding society.

Pig is a great player.It hides a competitive spirit, which it usually does not show to strangers. Often she does not believe in herself. Often a lot of questions spin in her head, for example, about how to act correctly in this or that case. This is a very sincere person, he will easily conquer any person with his open and honest thoughts and actions.

The pig sees only good qualities in the surrounding people. She does not even think that among her close people may be enemies. She wants to believe that only good and honest people live in the world. Often she is disappointed in people because of her good-natured attitude. The one who blew his reputation in her face is almost impossible to become her friend again.

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