Photos in Polaroid style (collage)

Photos in Polaroid style (collage)- we take photos in Polaroid style, which can be used separately and as an element when creating a collage, as well as a small modular picture.

Materials and tools:


  1. square white ceramic tile;
  2. photos;
  3. pritner;
  4. sponge brush;
  5. clear acrylic lacquer in a can;
  6. Mod Podge glue (PVA glue);
  7. round felt stands for furniture.


Step 1

In the graphical editor, we process the photos to get the desired quality. Also photos must be smaller than the size of the tile. We print photos on the printer.

Step 2

Now take the tile and the photos. We apply Mod Podge glue on the back of the photo with a brush (this is PVA glue diluted in water in a 1: 1 ratio) or you can use PVA glue. Glue the photo to the tile and apply a layer of Mod Podge glue (PVA glue) on top, letting the glue dry.

After the glue dries, cover the photo with spray paint (in several layers) and let the paint dry.

Photos in Polaroid styleare ready, now you can decorate the interior, make a collage of photos out of them. If you break one picture into modules, you can make a small modular picture from these photos.

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