A postcard in the technique of quilling "Volumetric Flower"

Unforgettable and unique is the gift that is made with your own hands. Therefore, the card in the technique of quilling will be the perfect solution on any occasion. Next will be presented a master class that will help everyone to make a simple and very original card with their own hands.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
To do the work you will need to prepare a list of materials presented below. Some materials can be replaced at their discretion and just as you can take an idea from this work and make your own unique postcard, which will be an exclusive product. List of materials for making a postcard:
  1. A sheet of paper for pastel or cardboard dark purple A4;
  2. White cardboard or thick paper;
  3. Designer paper of purple color with a pattern;
  4. Double-sided foam tape;
  5. The paper for quilling is yellow, delicate violet,white
  6. White and violet strasses of different sizes;
  7. Scallop tool
  8. Quilling tool, scissors, glue, tweezers.
From the purple cardboard we perform the base by bending the A4 sheet in half. The folding line should be held with a sharp object so that the cardboard folds easily and as precisely as possible. Cut out a piece of white cardboard 12x17 cm, on the back side of the glue squares of foamed tape.
Postcard in Quilling Technique
We attach white cardboard to the base. Postcard in the technique of quilling
Take design paper. It is desirable that it was also quite dense, since a three-dimensional flower will be attached to it. Postcard in the technique of quilling Dimensions of purple designer paper 10x15 cm. We also glue it on the reverse side with double-sided foam tape and fasten it on top of a white rectangle on the base.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
Take the yellow paper for quilling 20 cm and using the tool "comb" begin to form the part. Fasten the end of the paper strip to the scallop.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
Next, we make loops, increasing each time the size of the element to be executed.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
Postcard in the technique of quilling
Postcard in the technique of quilling
At the point of contact of the paper hinges, they should be lubricated with a little glue so that the element does not disintegrate, but to hold securely. It turns out such a detail. They will need to make 16 pieces.
A postcard in the technique of quilling
From white paper 20 cm of white color we perform the same eight elements.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/uploads/posts/2017-10/medium/1508906312_11.jpg" style="max-width: 100%;" alt="Postcard in the technique of quilling" Bulk flower "">
We connect with each other with the help of glue two yellow and one white parts, soso that white is in the middle.
Postcard in Quilling Technique
Now take a soft-purple strip of paper 20 cm long and wrap it with these three parts.
Postcard in Quilling technique
The edge is cut and fastened with glue. The first petal is ready.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
We perform these 8 petals for our flower.
Postcard in Quilling Technique
Take yellow paper for quilling and form a tight roll. The length of the strip should be about 100 cm, depending on the density of the paper. The roll diameter should be about 2.5 mm.
Postcard in the quilling technique
Now the ready roll is gently squeezed inward so that the three-dimensional part is formed. From inside the part must be well lubricated with glue so that it retains its shape. Flower petals are attached to each other with glue at the points of contact. In the center, fasten the middle of the flower, which should be completely dry.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
The flower is obtained volumetric.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
We smear the finished flower on the back side with glue, and then fix it on the basis of the postcard at the top right. ; ">Postcard in the technique of quilling From purple and white paper for quilling, we perform the following detail, making loops alternately: a small purple loop — a little more white loop — an even more purple loop. At the base, the ends of the part are sealed with glue. Detail we smear with glue, glue on the base.
Postcard in the technique of quilling
Next, take a strip of purple paper 20 cm in length, bend in half. We fix the edges of the strip with glue, then start to wind it with a tool.The resulting part is lubricated with a small layer of glue, fixed on the base.
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