A postcard with silhouettes and three-dimensional details

What materials do you need to work?  needed for work
- The basis for a postcard (thick paper or cardboard) - Thick paper for a silhouette (size in half the basis for a postcard) - Printed or drawn by yourself silhouette - Napkin bright color - Paints - Jar of water Brush - Office knife - Glue - Pencil - Scissors Getting Started. To begin, prepare the background for the postcard.
 prepare the background for the postcard
You can take one color and gradually highlight it with white paint, or you can use several colors, making a smooth stretch between them.
 prepare the background for the postcard
You can also think up your own way of painting the background: chaotic colored spots, neat stripes, bold strokes and so on. Then we move on to our silhouette.From a printed sheet onto thick paper, transfer the picture (you can put it on a window or glass door of the cabinet).
 go to our silhouette
We draw a frame ourselves, not forgetting to leave small connecting membranes at the corners.
 draw a frame
Then, putting a sheet of oilcloth or an unnecessary notebook under the paper, so as not to to draw a work surface, cut a stencil with a stationery knife.
 cut a stencil
After finishing with cutting, paste the stencil to the already dried base and proceed to the next step.
paste the stencil
Now in line are the flowers for decoration. You will need scissors, napkin and thread.
 flowers for decoration
We cut a napkin into small squares of the size we need (which square is the same size as the flower). Next, we act as shown in the diagram. As a result, these are the flavors.
 these are the flowers
We paste them to our postcard.
Glue to the postcard
At this stage you can stop, but you can go further: from the beads make bright centers for the colors. To do this, we squeeze out a large drop of super-glue into the center of the flower and fill in the bright beads. squeeze a large drop of superglue
The postcard is ready
Все! The postcard is ready.
 postcard with silhouettes
Creative to you of successes and inspiration!
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